We Did Not Force The Customer To Eat The Snack & Contacted NUS To Prevent Scams : Chicken Hot Pot Responds


Back Story : Few days ago NUS student went to “Chicken Hot Pot” to eat, she was disappointed with the food & conversation with cashier so shared her “experience” as a google review. Later the restaurant had contacted NUS regarding the incident because the email mentioned by NUS student was her student email.

The student said she was contacted by NUS regrading Chicken Hot Pot review and in a detailed Instagram post she explained “an organization has nothing to do with it”.

Chicken Hot Pot Responds :

Soon after the Instagram post went viral and netizens started posting many negative reviews, the restaurant also posted their side of the story. They gave a detailed explanation of what happened and shared few screenshots from CCTV.

CHP wrote,

We like to share our account of story with regards to a customer first complaining to us about snacks and bad attitude from our cashier. Ms Koh Xiu Wen wrote to us using a NUS email and we did our due diligence check with NUS to ensure it is not a scam or fake account. After writing to us, Ms Koh did not give time to the company to do its internal checks and proceed to post misleading and malicious video towards CHP.

As the damage have been done to our reputation, we have chosen to remain meek and focus on improving areas that we can do better. However as media has covered this story from Ms Koh instagram, we felt a need to share the dining experience and clarify certain misleading facts.


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