Whose Fault ? : NTU Question Paper Leaks 20 Mins Before Exam, All Students Made To Retake Test


Following a question paper leak just 20 mins before exam, all students from NTU Psychology were asked to take retest.

According to one of the Reddit post which went viral on social media, “biological psychology” a cores subject for all psychology students known to be one of the most content heavy topics in psychology was leaked on Nov. 7.

The Redditor explained the whole thing in his post and said “students should not bear the brunt of the mistake by the school” because students who did nothing it still had to take re exam on a different date.

While explaining the about series of events that have happened in NTU in last couple of days. Here’s what the Redditor wrote,

One redditor in comments blamed professor for the leak because even after knowing about the leak the exam was conducted & another redditor defended the professor by saying its NTULearns’s fault.

After the post went viral the redditor shared an update on what next & said survey will be conducted to check the availability of the students to take re exam.

Exam re-scheduled on 17th November because majority of the students chose that day in survey conducted by NTU. As mentioned earlier this was a content heavy subject so the syllabus will be reduced.


According to mothership , Chia Wai Mun, the Associate Chair (Academic) of the School of Social Sciences said “We are very disappointed with what happened. We apologise to the students for having to retake the test, but this is necessary to ensure fairness to everyone”.

“Most students took the test at a lecture theatre and a group of Covid-19 positive students took an online version of the test administered by the undergraduate office. All students took the same paper and started simultaneously”, Chia added.

The school later came to know that the test paper was leaked onto the platform before the test started. The spokes person did not specify when the school found out about the leak or any further details about the incident. The school confirmed that 218 students were affected, according to Mothership.

“We will conduct a thorough review of our exam procedures and take necessary measures to avoid similar incidents in future,” Chia told mothership.

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