Woman Accidentally Pays $4,000 for $44 Kopitiam Order: Read What Happened Next


In an unexpected turn of events, a coffee stall in Tampines received a payment of $4,450 for an order that was only $44.50. The incident occurred on April 6 at 6:36 am, and was reported by Shin Min Daily News.

According to the report, the customer, a woman in her 40s, ordered several items, including shrimp dumplings, green bean balls, Nyonya rice dumplings, and meat dumplings, which came up to a total of $44.50. She then made payment via PayNow.

However, when the stall owner, Madam Zhang, checked her phone a few minutes later, she was shocked to see that the payment received was $4,450. She had to check her phone multiple times to make sure that she wasn’t mistaken, as the amount was significantly more than what was expected.

Fortunately, the customer realized her mistake and returned to the stall about two hours later to request a refund. Madam Zhang processed the refund and returned the excess amount of thousands of dollars back to the woman, who was using PayNow as a payment method for the first time.

The stall owners, Mr. Chen and Madam Zhang, were left shocked by the unexpected turn of events. They had only been running the stall for a month and never expected something like this to happen to them. However, they were grateful that the customer returned to request a refund and that the matter was resolved amicably.

Image from Shin Min Daily

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