Woman Gives Birth In Taxi, Shouts “The Baby Is Coming Out!” While On Her Way To Hospital


A woman in Singapore gave birth to her baby in the a taxi while she was on her way to the hospital.

Baby Delivered In Taxi :

In a Facebook post shared by taxi operator ComfortDelGro Taxi, the woman along with her husband were picked up from Ubi at around 4am and the couple wanted to go to KK Women’s & Children’s hospital as the pregnant lady passenger appeared to be experiencing acute abdominal pain.

But, halfway into the journey, her water bag broke and she shouted “the baby is coming out! Cabby Tan initially panicked but managed to calm down to suggest going to Parkway East Hospital instead, which was about 10 minutes away.

The couple agreed.

Cab driver with 24-years of driving experience was facing this kind of situation for the first time during his service, he drove swiftly to the hospital and they arrived, immediately the woman’s husband called for the nurses and doctor, who came out to deliver the baby in the taxi.

The whole process took about 15 minutes but to Cabby Tan “it felt like a lifetime”, the company said in their Facebook post.

Later the woman’s husband later thanked Mr Tan and even tipped him for reaching in time and safely. The taxi company also compensated Mr Tan for the time he took to clean up the taxi.

The cab river shared that in his 24 years of taxi-driving experience, this was the first time he had witnessed a child birth in his taxi.

“Luckily, we got to the hospital in time even though the delivery had to take place in my taxi. It was a very special moment for me to witness a miracle in times like these – like a promise of a new life“, said Mr Tan.

As it was a street hail trip and everything happened so quickly, Cabby Tan could not get the couple’s contact before they were quickly escorted into the hospital. But, he hopes to be able to find out how they and their newborn are doing.

“It will really be nice to know they are well and also if the birth certificate actually says ‘born in taxi“, the taxi driver added.

The taxi company said that they also hope to get in touch with the family and asked the couple to contact customer service team at 6552 4525 or feedback@cdgtaxi.com.sg.

Many netizens jokingly asked the company to “give free taxi ride for life to the baby”, we don’t know whether they will or not.

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