Woman In US Swallows Apple AirPod Instead Of “Tablet” By Mistake


A 27 year-old TikTok user from US swallowed her Apple Airpod by mistaking it with a ibuprofen 800 painkiller tablet and luckily pooped it.

A woman named Carli Bellmer, is a social media influencer & a podcaster who lives in Boston of United States claims that she accidentally swallowed the left bud of Apple AirPod while taking a painkiller tablet ibuprofen by mistake. Eventually she pooped out the AirPod which was confirmed with an X-Ray later.

Carli’s tiktok video is trending all over social media soon after she shared the whole thing in a video where she was seen crying hard after swallowing the AirPod.

“I was crawling into bed, I had an Ibuprofen 800 in my right had and I had my left AirPod in my left hand.

I like threw something back, took my water bottle and took a sip and realized it was not ibuprofen. I tried puking it up and it won’t come out I’m loosing my mind” she said.

The video was originally posted on Carli’s TikTok user @iamcarliiib, where she wrote “I had two objects in my hand earlier. One of these things I was supposed to take for headache two hours ago. The other one is missing because it is in my stomach where the tablet Ibuprofen should have been.


As per a report from NYP, Carli Bellmer said she tried finding her AirPod by recording a voice memo but she had no idea that the AirPod in her stomach was connected to her mobile phone and the sound was coming from inside her stomach.

Luckily, Carli came up with an update later and said AirPod is out and X-Ray scan confirmed no damage inside. “I had X-ray done a few hours ago and it revealed that the AirPod had passed” she said.

“I had a hard feeling that it had passed but I just wanted to make sure” she added“.

Interestingly, before Bellmer pooped out the AirPod, she sent her friend a voice note that the AirPod which apparently was still connected to her iPhone audibly transmitted from inside her stomach. 

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