Woman Molested By 66-year-old Man Inside Supermarket, Old Man Arrested With Help Of Sheng Shiong Staff


A 66-year-old man has been arrested for molesting a woman inside Sheng Shiong supermarket Bukit Batok West Ave 8 BLK 154A.

The woman who went to Sheng Shiong supermarket for shopping along with her son was allegedly molested by a 66-year-old man inside the supermarket.

Fortunately, the supermarket staff present at the scene were able to catch the molester and handed him over to the police later.

The victim shared her horrific experience on Facebook and said “My experience serves a reminder that it can happen to anyone, any gender, any age, if this happens to you please do not stay quite”.


Hilman (son) and I went to Sheng Shiong near our place to get some ingredients for Krispy treats and lontong goreng.

So we were walking down the aisle picking up items happily because there was no crowd. Then we went to dry goods area because I remembered I’m out of dried shrimps. Hilman went straight to the candy aisle, while I stood there contemplating between 2 packets with different prices.

Suddenly, I felt a hand cupped and brushed up my bu*t.

Like an intentional caress that lasted for a good 2 seconds. At first I thought it was Hilman so I turned to warn him. Lo and behold, I turned to face an old apek, botak, slightly shorter than me, grinning back at me. He was wearing a mask but I could see his crow lines scrunched up distinctively.

I shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” and instinctively brought up my hand to slap him. But my hand hit his phone on the way up and I managed to stop myself before I brutally murder him with my daun sop (chinese celery).

I then bellowed at the top of my lungs “you better stay where you are, I’m calling the police!” He looked kinda shocked at my big reaction and move away from me quickly. He briskly walked along the aisles, trying to get away.

I chased him, while again shouting to tell him to stop. At one point, I even said “Someone help me stop him PLEASE. He molested me!!!”

Now, the exit was still further away and I was still screaming like mad, following him and dialling 999 at the same time. At this point, everybody just looked at me, confused.

The whole store went silent but nobody helped. In the midst of talking to the police (we were near the entrance), I grabbed the apek by his back collar, telling him to stop.


Mind you, I was still holding my shopping items (without a basket), with the phone sandwiched between my ear and shoulder, while grabbing him.

The urge to punch him there and then, was oh so intense.

I was angry, at him and at the fact that nobody tried to help or even asked what’s going on. I didn’t even care that I was fasting (we cannot get angry you see?). In my mind, I just wanted to get him real good.

He managed to squirm free and I screamed at a lady staff at the entrance to stop him. She panicked and tried to stop him even though she didn’t know what was going on. The apek continued walking to the carpark at the side and I lost sight of him.

Molester Caught By Sheng Shiong Staff

I stopped at the entrance (because I was holding unpaid items) and continued talking to the police, providing details. Just then, 2 Sheng Shiong staff sprinted passed me, disappeared around the corner and came back with that apek. They brought him back to the store, into their office.

I went to the cashier to pay for my items and only then I realised my hands were shaking, while trying to slot the note in. The machine spitted it out twice and the cashier had to help me. Then Hilman and I just waited there for the police to arrive.

I hugged Hilman close and he whispered, “My legs are shaking, Mama”. I reassured him that it was over, my anger creeping back up and cursing that apek under my breath.

You got the wrong person today, Apek.

“Felt Like Molesting Today” : Molester

The 66-year-old was arrested and admitted that he felt like molesting today and he did. The victim said that the incident was recorded in CCTV very clearly.

The woman wrote, “SO, to cut this already long story shorter, Apek got arrested. He is 66 years old. No priors (more like didn’t get caught before ah!) He admitted that he felt like molesting today, and so he did. CCTV showed his actions very clearly. It also showed very clearly of me trying to strike him. Ooops. Natural instinct OK”?

Now, why do I tell my story? Firstly, I wish to commend the 3 Sheng Shiong staff at 154A Bukit Batok West Ave 8 who finally realised what was going on and rushed to help at that last min.

I caught the name of one of them, a Mr Ho Ann Onnn (hopefully I got the name right). Without their help, the Apek would have gotten away with just a literal slap on the wrist by me, and a slightly torn collar (also by me).


Most importantly, my experience serves a reminder that it can happen to anyone, any gender, any age. If this happens to you (I pray hard it doesn’t), please do not stay quiet and pass it off as “he accidentally touched me, and I’m not hurt”. You don’t have to get all violent and crazy like me lah, but just make sure that the culprit gets caught.

You don’t have to confront him yourself if you’re not comfortable but just tell someone. Culprit will definitely do it to others too if gets away every time.

AND please do not ask me what I was wearing at the time of incident if you do not wish a death by dried shrimps down your throat. AND if you happen to witness or be around a similar incident, please for the love of God, render some kind of help.

Or ask if I’m ok? Was I hurt? Why was I screaming like mad? Nobody screams for no reason you know, unless I have a loose screw somewhere. Just ask. But don’t ask me which aisle I got that daun sop from ah.

P/s: I’m ok. Really. Hilman too. I talked to him about bad touch safe touch. I had fever last night for awhile maybe out of shock. Felt a little better after talking to the IO. She reassured me that wanting to hit him immediately was a normal reaction but not many can do that. Sadly most victims will just walk away.

So fight or flight? Fight. Definitely fight.

Many netizens praised her for being brave and standing up in such touch situation. Many of them thanked her for sharing her experience so that other victims can also stand up against such molesters without any fear because in such in shocking situations most girls not dare to react immediately.

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