Woman Upset Over NUH Nurse Behavior, Says Nurse Disrespected Her Mother

A woman in singapore took facebook to share her bad experience with nurses at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore.

The post was made by a Facebook account named Fei Fei and it was shared by more than 500 people at the time of writing, according to the post her mother had her artery surgery recently & she is recovering at the hospital. She accused Nurse of treating her mother disrespectfully.

The Woman shared 3 different incidents where she had a very bad experience with nurse.

She wrote, First time when her mother fainted in toilet, nurse was just standing there & did not hold on to her (or help her get up). Second time, her mother was disrespected & insulted by a nurse named Shuang Li & forced to complete dinner, later she was told to go home if she’s not happy.

First and Second incidents were tolerated :

Woman said she tolerated first two incidents but the third time she was very angry at nurse because nurse said “Movement sensor device battery is low”. You can read her post below :

Hope she recovers soon & authorities from NUH investigate the case and take action.

Injuries on face :

Source : Facebook/FeiFei
Source : Facebook/FeiFei

Source :


Images : FeiFei/Facebook

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