Young Boy Allegedly Steals Private Bus for Joyride in Singapore


A young boy’s alleged joyride on a private bus has caught the attention of Singaporeans.

According to the reports, on April 12, 2023 the 12-year-old boy allegedly entered a private bus belonging to A&S Transit and drove it for about five hours across various locations in Singapore.

The bus covered a distance of approximately 100km across Tampines, Bedok, Pasir Ris, and Punggol, has left many baffled.


Social media posts suggest that the boy had trespassed another A&S Transit bus earlier in the night and attempted to start its engine. Photos of the alleged busjacking were posted on Instagram and shared with Mothership by a it’s reader.

The posts further suggest that the boy had caused damage to the exterior of the stolen bus and eventually abandoned it.

Responding to queries, the Singapore police have confirmed the incident and said that they were alerted to a case of theft of a motor vehicle along Tampines Avenue 10 at 12:04 pm on April 12, 2023. The police have confirmed that the boy is assisting with investigations in relation to the case, and investigations are ongoing.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries in the incident.

Official statement from A&S Transit (A&S)

Our company is aware of the public concerns regarding the case of our bus being stolen yesterday. It is not in A&Sā€™s intention for the matter to be public, but we would like to address the concerns that have arisen. The issue involves a minor and we do not wish for any undue stress on the person, taking into consideration that it is approaching the school examinations period. A&S hopes for all of us to take a gracious and forgiving approach in guiding our youths and supporting them in the pursuit of their passion.

It has been A&Sā€™s belief that the youth must be supported and guided in their passion, be it in buses or anything else. This should be done with proper and healthy outlets for them to express and cultivate their enthusiasm. We would like to take this opportunity to call on the public, government and organisations not to dismiss our youths, but to see this incident as a call to hear the growing enthusiasm among the younger generation and to support them with more outlets and opportunities to pursue their interests.

While we do not condone the action of the minor, we hope to support the person and any youth in guiding them to express their passion in healthy ways.

It is unfortunate that this incident has occurred. The authorities had been notified.

We ask that the public to not fan speculations any further.

Image of bus used is for illustration

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