27-year-old woman arrested for alleged extortion of man who hired her as an escort


A 27-year-old woman is set to be charged with extortion on Wednesday (March 8) after allegedly threatening to report a man who procured her escort services to the police if he did not pay her S$15,000.

The Singapore police announced the arrest of the woman on Tuesday (March 7) and stated that the man had filed a report on Sunday night.

According to the police, the victim transferred S$1,800 via bank transfer out of fear. The police arrested the woman within 19 hours of receiving the report with the aid of police cameras and ground enquiries by officers from Woodlands Police Division.

The woman is believed to be involved in three other similar cases involving a total sum of at least S$19,000, the police added.

Extortion is a serious offence that carries a penalty of between two years and seven years of jail time, along with caning.

Anyone convicted of extortion will be jailed for between two years and seven years, with caning.

Women are exempted from judicial caning.

It is worth noting that women are exempt from judicial caning in Singapore. The authorities have urged members of the public to remain cautious when engaging in online transactions and to report any suspicious activities or threats to the authorities.

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