32 Weeks Jail For Dee Kosh For Sex Related Offences, Including Offering Money To Underage Males In Exchange For Sex Acts


Youtuber Darryl Ian Koshy familiar with name Dee Kosh had admitted to sexual offences involving two underaged teenage boys on Monday (May 30).

Dee Kosh, was due to be sentenced on Jul. 28 had his sentencing postponed by about a week to Aug. 3, 2022.

On May 30, 2022, YouTuber Dee Kosh pleaded guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a boy under the age of 18, one count of offering money to a boy below 18 for sexual services, and one count of making an obscene film.

Four other charges were taken into consideration in sentencing.

According to the Mothership report, for the charge of attempted sexual exploitation of a young person, the judge sentenced him to 14 weeks’ jail.

For the charge of communicating with the purpose of obtaining sexual services of a minor, he was sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail.

For making an obscene film, he was given four weeks’ jail.

The judge ordered that Dee Kosh serve the 14- and 18-week jail sentence consecutively, and the four-week one concurrently.

Social media personality Aiman Haikal was also present in court during his hearing, according to mothership.

After his sentencing was read in court, Dee Kosh took Instagram to say “good bye” to his fans he wrote that he is “on the way to prison” & “extremely sorry” for the things he’s done and that “now it’s time to pay the price”.

He said there’s alot to be said about him, his character and his case. And he said “Good bye”.

Instagram : Deekosh

According to CNA, in sentencing, District Judge Jasvender Kaur highlighted that Kosh brushed off one of the teenagers when the boy repeatedly told him he was underaged.

She also said that Kosh took steps to conceal his what he did. This included moving conversations with the victims to Telegram and Snapchat, which offered certain privacy features.

She rejected an argument made by the defence that Kosh did so as he wanted to be discreet about his sexuality

The judge said that Kosh was persistent and sought to overcome the resistance of one of his victims by asking him to think of the money he was offering.

She also said that Kosh’s use of the Internet to commit his crimes was aggravating, and that his social media presence was central to tracking down one of the teenage victims.

Kosh had posted a photo of that victim, whom he saw during a video shoot, on social media. He said that he expected to be able to find the boy because of the number of social media followers he had, said the judge.

Judge Kaur also addressed the defence’s argument that the court should disregard the prosecution’s references to Kosh’s comments in a YouTube video he made about the case.

The video, which Kosh posted on Jan 26, which was taken down later. The prosecution used it to argue that Kosh was not remorseful for his crimes, which is a factor in sentencing.

“It is appropriate to consider what the accused said in the video which he posted on Jan 26,” said Judge Kaur.

“He publicly claimed he assumed (the victim) A1 was 18 years of age and portrayed it as an unwitting contravention of the law. This was a blatant lie.”

The truth was that the victim had confirmed he was under 16, said the judge, adding that taking all these circumstances into consideration, she would give Kosh’s plea of guilt less mitigating weight.

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