51-Year-Old Linked to ‘If 1 Syringe = 1 Death’ Buona Vista Graffiti Arrested


A 51-year-old man was apprehended on Thursday, August 17th, on suspicions of vandalizing a building and an underpass in the Buona Vista area.

The incident came to the attention of law enforcement on August 8th when reports of graffiti defacing the walls of a structure along North Buona Vista Drive and the walls of an underpass linked to the Buona Vista Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station surfaced. Authorities were promptly alerted, initiating an investigation into the matter.

The accused individual reportedly took measures to evade detection by changing into a different set of clothing when carrying out the acts of defacement, as revealed by the police on Friday. Additionally, authorities believe he is accountable for a prior graffiti occurrence in April.

The 51-year-old man to face charges of vandalism on Saturday(19 Aug).

The graffiti itself featured a composition of words and symbols, forming the message: “If 1 syringe = 1 death = 1 hanged man HOW MANY 4 U SG GOV?”

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In response to the incident, the Land Transport Authority issued a statement on August 8th confirming their awareness of the matter. They had subsequently lodged a formal complaint with the police regarding the graffiti found on the underpass wall.

When reporters arrived at the scene on August 8th, they were met with a sight of the underpass being cordoned off at both of its entry points. Workers were diligently involved in the task of erasing the defacement that had taken place. As of now, it can be reported that all remnants of the graffiti have been effectively eliminated, restoring the underpass to its original state.

Should the accused be proven guilty of the vandalism charges, he could potentially face a sentence of up to three years in imprisonment, a fine of up to S$2,000, and corporal punishment in the form of caning.

There is a possibility that the individual arrested in connection with the recent vandalism case may also be linked to the incident that occurred in April, according to reports. Wherein the phrase “EVR1 Knows C19 is real EVR1 MUST” was spray-painted on the walls of an underpass connected to the Kent Ridge Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station in close proximity to the National University Hospital.

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