BF Loves To Sniff Undergarments Of His GF & Enjoys Wearing Her Cloths, GF Seeks Advice


A Singaporean girl is worried & asking for advice because her horny boyfriend likes to sniff her bra & panties before, during and after sex.

NUSWhispers, Singapore’s confession platform which posts anonymous confessions from its readers on Facebook daily. In their Recent post there was a confession from a girl seeking advice for her boyfriend’s weird habit of sniffing & wearing her clothes. She said she is in relationship with him since close to a year & she has started to think about her future with him.

Sex Drive Has Increased :

She started her story by explaining her sexual relationship with him & said it was great, Infact her sex drive has increased tremendously after her first date with her boyfriend.

How it started :

The Girls wrote “Initially we decided to do something fun like cross dressing him as he really likes to sniff my bra and panties before, during and after sex”. At first she assumed it was something really fun & interesting for couple to spice up their romantic side of relation. But what happened next has really made her worried about him.

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Advice from readers :

  • It seems that he has found himself to like cross dressing and there is nothing wrong. It is not common and I would urge you to address this with him. Not to trash him down but to communicate what you have been observing. He does this because he might have discovered another identity that’s expresses another side of himself and he is starting to feel comfortable to reveal this to you.
  • I would highly suggest to have a really open conversation with him. A few pointers.
    1. Noticed this particular behavior. Does that turn him on?
    2. It seems like he is into fem things. How does it feel when he wears your things?
  • I know that some cis males cross dress as another alternative to express themselves, my only question that you need to ask yourself is, if you can accept it. If you can’t, then move on.
  • Actually is quite common, I saw quite alot of guys doing it, he is not the only one and those guys you see outside might act the same thing but u don’t know only.
  • Well, there are women who wear men’s shirt, boyfriend jeans, their bf/husband’s army t-shirts, and cut their hair short. Does that mean they have a fetish? IMO there is a double standard for men. Also you know high heels originated to be for men?

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