Disturbing Case : Teen who tried to rape his 8-year-old sister pleads guilty


In a distressing case, a teenager confessed on Monday (May 29) to attempting to rape his younger sister when she was just eight years old, while he was 14.

The shocking revelation came to light after the boy took lewd photographs of his sister and shared his disturbing intentions with a friend, who eventually reported the matter to the teen’s school.

Due to legal constraints surrounding the protection of the victim’s identity and the fact that the offender was under 18 at the time of the incidents, the 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty to two charges of attempted rape and attempted sexual assault.

Additional charges of attempted sexual assault and the act of taking lewd photos of his sister will be considered during the sentencing process.


According to Channel News Asia’s report, the court heard that the teenager resided in a flat with his older brother, sister, parents, and a grandparent. The disturbing incidents occurred in June 2020 when the teenager was alone with his eight-year-old sister in her bedroom. He coerced his sister to undress and attempted to rape her, although he was ultimately unsuccessful.

The young girl, confused and unaware of how to react, did not resist. Following the failed attempt, the boy took lewd photographs of his sister before leaving the room, later instructing her to forget about the incident and deleting the photos.

Disturbingly, the boy’s troubling behavior resurfaced approximately two years later, between February and July 2022. During this period, the siblings were alone with their older brother when the boy entered his sister’s room while she was asleep and attempted to sexually assault her. Fortunately, their mother returned home, interrupting the incident, the report added.


The boy lied, claiming that he was checking his sister’s private parts due to her alleged pain. His mother believed his explanation and warned him against repeating such actions.

However, sometime in 2022, the boy’s friend disclosed the content of their conversations to school teachers, leading to intervention by the school’s principal, who met with the victim’s parents on July 27, 2022, and informed them about the disturbing messages. Subsequently, the boy’s father filed a police report on August 5 of the same year.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution requested a reformative training report, objecting to a probation suitability report due to the severity of the offenses.

They emphasized that the accused had abused his position of trust as the victim’s older brother, exploiting the proximity he had with his sister. Moreover, the victim’s age and the fact that the offenses occurred within the supposed safety of her own home added to the gravity of the situation. The accused was remanded and chose not to address the court, while his father was present during the hearing.

District Judge Carol Ling, acknowledging the seriousness of the offenses, requested both probation and reformative training reports. She emphasized the need for a holistic approach to sentencing. The case is set to be heard again in June.

The penalties for attempted rape of a minor include a prison term ranging from eight to 20 years and a minimum of 12 strokes of the cane. Similar penalties apply for attempted sexual assault of a minor.

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