Drunk Man Collides with Couple on Mobility Scooter While Speeding, Jailed


Singaporean man, Hui Sai Mun, has been sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to causing hurt by a rash act that resulted in one person fracturing an ankle.

The incident occurred on the evening of May 27 last year when Hui, who was intoxicated at the time, collided with a couple who had stopped their mobility unit to let him pass.

The court heard that the couple, Mr. New Ah Chew, 51, and Madam Wei Xiaohui, 42, were riding on a mobility scooter along a pavement near Block 165 Yishun Ring Road. The mobility scooter is a motorized wheelchair designed to assist individuals with walking difficulties. Witness accounts revealed that Hui was traveling at a high speed in the opposite direction when Mr. New and his wife tried to make way for him, according to the report.

Contrary to expectations, Hui did not slow down and instead maintained his speed, ultimately striking the left side of Mr. New’s scooter. The impact caused the scooter to flip onto its side, throwing both victims to the ground. Fortunately, Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Raimi and his friends, who had heard the collision, came to the couple’s aid.

Despite the severity of the incident, Hui did not stop and was observed by Mr. Hafeez to have even accelerated. Hui’s attempt to flee was cut short when Mr. Hafeez spotted him lying on the pavement about 1km away and immediately contacted the police.

As a result of the collision, Mr. New suffered a left ankle fracture, while his wife sustained bruises on her left leg and mild tenderness in her left toes. The injuries were described by Deputy Public Prosecutor Yeo Zhen Xiong as a cause of grievous hurt.

During the trial, it was revealed that Hui was severely intoxicated and incapable of taking care of himself, making it even more aggravating that he chose to operate the mobility scooter. The prosecution sought a jail term of between two and four weeks for Hui due to the seriousness of the injuries inflicted on the victims and his reckless actions.

Hui’s defense lawyer, Lee Chuan, asked the court to exercise leniency, highlighting the fact that his client was the sole caregiver for his terminally ill wife. Mr. Lee also stated that Hui deeply regretted his actions and expressed the intention to compensate the victims for their medical expenses.

In Singapore, the offense of causing hurt by a rash act carries a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment or a fine of up to S$5,000, or both. The judge ultimately sentenced Hui to two weeks’ imprisonment, considering the severity of the injuries caused and the defendant’s actions while under the influence of alcohol.

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