Drunk Man Jailed for Biting Finger Of Bystander Who Tried to Stop Fight


In a shocking incident during a late-night drinking session near a foreign worker dormitory in Kaki Bukit earlier this year, a physical altercation resulted in a man losing the top part of his left index finger.

The aggressor, identified as Thangarasu Rengasamy, a 40-year-old national of India, was sentenced to 10 months in jail on September 15, 2023, after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing grievous hurt by forcefully biting the victim’s finger, according to the report.


The court proceedings revealed a series of events that led to this unfortunate incident.

Thangarasu and his friend, construction worker Ramamoorthy Anantharaj, were enjoying an evening of drinking when the situation took a violent turn. Thangarasu’s intoxication led to him shouting, drawing the ire of another individual nearby who asked him to lower his voice.

As tensions escalated, a confrontation unfolded, culminating in Arumugam Sankar, a 42-year-old, approaching Thangarasu and slapping him. In a bid to quell the escalating violence, a 50-year-old Nagooran Balasubramanian, who is a technician by profession, courageously intervened to separate the warring parties.

Tragically, as the struggle intensified, Mr. Nagooran’s left index finger inadvertently entered Thangarasu’s mouth. In a horrifying act of aggression, Thangarasu bit down forcefully on the finger, refusing to let go despite Mr. Nagooran’s attempts to break free.

Both men fell to the ground during this violent encounter.

Arumugam Sankar attempted to assist Mr. Nagooran by pulling him away from Thangarasu, but the assailant continued to maintain his grip on the victim’s finger. Only after a few harrowing seconds did Mr. Nagooran finally manage to withdraw his bleeding finger from Thangarasu’s mouth.

As per the reports, thangarasu fled the scene, leaving his victim with a grievous injury. Mr. Nagooran, in a state of shock, rinsed his injured finger with water, only to discover that the top portion of his left index finger, known as the “distal phalanx”, had been bitten off and was nowhere to be found.

With the help of Arumugam Sankar, Mr. Nagooran was able to bandage his finger.

However, concerned that the bleeding persisted, he promptly contacted the police for assistance. Subsequently, Mr. Nagooran was transported to Changi General Hospital, where medical professionals determined that he had sustained a partial amputation of his left index finger, resulting in permanent impairment.

Despite being advised to undergo surgery for his finger, Mr. Nagooran discharged himself from the hospital against medical counsel due to concerns about the associated costs. He was granted a total of 14 days of hospitalization leave.

During the court proceedings, Deputy Public Prosecutor Cai Chenghan argued that Thangarasu’s actions warranted a severe penalty due to the extent of deliberation, the manner in which the attack occurred, and its duration.

Ultimately, the court sentenced Thangarasu Rengasamy to 10 months in jail for voluntarily causing grievous hurt, emphasizing the significant pain and permanent inconvenience suffered by Mr. Nagooran as a result of this unfortunate incident.

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