Drunk Teenager Points Knife Towards His Mother & Calls Her Piece Of Shi*, Arrested


Teen aged 19, arrested after his mother reported it to police on the same day. The 19-year-old pleaded guilty to an offence of voluntarily causing hurt and criminally intimidating his mother. One count of using criminal force against her will be considered when he is sentenced.

What happened & When :

In July 2021, the mother saw cigarette butts and ashes around her living room, kitchen. She became emotional and cried in her bedroom. Later, she saw her son enter the kitchen and went to speak to him but he shouted vulgarities at her, Yahoo! News Reported.

According to the reports, 19-year-old was drinking beer & he was smoking in the living room when his mother approached in an attempt to reconcile. However, he punched his mother on the right arm a few times. When his elder sister came out of her bedroom to check what’s happening he was seen throwing cigarettes butt at his mother and punching her shoulder.

Called Her Piece Of Sh* :

When his mother was in kitchen he cornered her and spat at her, picked up kitchen knife and pointed at her and said that she was a “piece of sh**”, spat on her face few times.

When mother wore her slippers and came out of the house, he became upset and locked the door from inside. Then he threw house keys out of the window & keys landed on the ground floor. The Mother went to the ground floor and called police officer who previously handled her family dispute case and several police officer arrived at teen’s House, they arrested him.

The 19-year-old will return to the court on 13 December regarding his assessment for reformative training and probation suitability. Investigations revealed that teenager had drunk alcohol in the morning and was intoxicated by then. The mother had suffered from bruises, Yahoo News reported.

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