Facebook Users Apologize for Spreading False Rumors About Minister Shanmugam


After Minister of Law and Home Affairs, K Shanmugam, revealed his intention to file a police report against those recirculating damaging false statements about him, two individuals have stepped forward to apologize for their role in the matter.

The issue began when Shanmugam took to his Facebook page on August 15, 2023, expressing his concern over the deliberate spread of a “nasty, false post” from years past.

The post in question alleged that Shanmugam had engaged in an affair with a Member of Parliament (MP). Dismissing the allegations as “false, baseless,” the minister vowed to address the situation legally and consider further actions.

One of the individuals, identifying as Dave Tham, promptly expressed regret on a Facebook group page for sharing the controversial post. He confirmed that he had published a “scandalous post on Minister K Shanmugam,” but subsequently realized his mistake.

Tham clarified that the original post attributed to Shanmugam’s ex-wife was actually created by an imposter. He personally extended his apologies to both Shanmugam and the MP mentioned, Foo Mee Har.


In a separate post, now removed, Tham disclosed that he had engaged in direct communication with Shanmugam, who demonstrated understanding and a willingness to let the matter rest. Tham emphasized his responsibility to rectify errors promptly.

Gordon Ong, another individual involved, admitted to distributing “false, scandalous statements about Mr K Shanmugam on various Facebook pages” on August 15 and 16. Ong stated that he had actively spread these falsehoods on more than 92 occasions during this period. He expressed unreserved remorse for his actions and offered a heartfelt apology to Shanmugam.


Ong assured the public that he had removed all false statements and committed not to publish further allegations.

When asked by Mothership, MP Foo Mee Har confirmed that Dave Tham had personally reached out to apologize, which she accepted. While she acknowledged Tham’s apology, Foo reiterated her prerogative to take action against ongoing misinformation spread.

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