Father Admits Using “Spy Camera” In Daughter’s Bedroom : You Will Be Shocked To Know The Reason


A 43-year-old man pleaded guilty to two charges of voyeurism on Friday (Apr 1).


According to CNA, the court heard that the man bought a spy camera that looks like a USB charger which transmits live footage to linked mobile phone and allows the footage to be recorded on the phones sometime before July 2019.

On Jul 6, 2020, he decided to secretly record the victim (Daughter then 13) in her bedroom. The man knew that she would be in a state of undress as she needed to change into her school uniform to go to school. The man planted the spy camera in a corner of the victim’s bedroom.

He made sure that the transmitted video feed was stable and twice adjusted the direction of the spy camera, Before leaving the room. While adjusting the camera, the device recorded his face which is clearly identifiable in the footage.

About 10 minutes after the offender left the room, the victim entered her bedroom, undressed and left to take a shower. She returned from her shower and put on her school uniform, then left the room again. The spy camera recorded the whole process without her knowledge, CNA reported.


The man took back the spy camera from daughter’s bedroom shortly after, and transferred the footage to his laptop and mobile phone. He repeated the same thing the next morning, taking care to switch off the lights in the bedroom after planting the camera to reduce the chances of getting caught.

All his wrong doings came to into light when the man’s wife discovered videos of her daughter in various states of undress while using her husband’s laptop on Aug 2 that year, she made a police report on Aug 21, 2020.

The wife reported finding about 155 such videos on the laptop, containing timestamps between 2019 and 2020, which include her daughter’s footage as well.

During investigations, the man denied the allegations and claimed the spy camera was to monitor the victim (then 13) studying in her bedroom.

No footage of her studying was discovered during investigations.

He faces up to 2 years’ jail and a fine or caning for each count of voyeurism.

He returns for sentencing next week.

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