Former Police Officer Lands in Jail for Breaking the Law For A Friend


Former Sergeant Bryan Tay Wei Chuan, 30, has been sentenced to three weeks’ jail for wrongfully accessing the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) confidential database. Tay, originally scheduled for trial, pleaded guilty to charges under the Official Secrets Act and unauthorized computer access.

The court heard that Tay, a ground response officer at Sembawang Neighbourhood Police Centre, received a request from his friend, Lincoln Poh Chong Tee, to check if there were any police cases against someone named Wang Yu Chi. Poh provided Wang’s NRIC number and introduced him to Tay, stating that he wanted to verify if he was implicated in a police report made against his company.

On March 24, 2020, while on duty and noticing no one else around, Tay accessed the SPF’s confidential database, Cubicon II, and conducted a screening on Wang’s NRIC.

According to CNA report, the search returned no records, and Tay promptly informed Poh that “his record is clean.”

During the sentencing, the prosecution sought a fine of S$5,000 for the computer misuse charge and two to four weeks’ jail for the Official Secrets Act charge.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ryan Lim emphasized that Tay’s actions undermined the reputation of the Singapore Police Force and breached the trust and confidence placed in him as a police officer.

Tay had been interdicted from police service on August 31, 2021, and subsequently resigned on October 3 of the same year.

The SPF stated that officers are only permitted to access SPF systems for official purposes and are strictly prohibited from disclosing information to unauthorized individuals.

As per CNA reports, Poh, who had previously been sentenced to a year in jail for various offenses, attempted to make further screening requests to Tay in April and July 2020, but Tay refused, citing concerns about being caught.

Police investigations into Poh’s activities uncovered Tay’s unauthorized access of Wang’s NRIC number. Wang, based in Vietnam, remains at large.

The SPF emphasizes its commitment to upholding the law and maintaining high standards of discipline and integrity among its officers. Misuse of SPF systems will result in investigation and appropriate action, as deemed necessary by the authorities.

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