Indonesian ‘Playboy King’ set to get married for the 88th time at the age of 61


This Indonesian man nicknamed the ‘Playboy King’ of Indonesia, getting married for the 88th time. Yes, you read it right!

People now a days can not handle one wife & on the other hand, this Indonesia’s “playboy king,” is set to tie the knot for the 88th time at the ‘young’ age of 61.

Who is this man..?

The ‘Playboy King’, Kaan is a farmer from Majalengka in Indonesia’s West Java.

The 61-year-old farmer has no known family or relatives living with him in the local neighborhood, according to a Tribunnews report. His parents apparently passed away, and his only sister is now residing in Bandung, Indonesia, with her spouse.

It’s interesting to note in the report that Kaan has never requested a marriage certificate from the Office of Religious Affairs. When Kaan initially got married, he was only 14 years old, and his bride was two years older than him. But it’s unclear how many kids he’s had from his 87 marriages.

Kaan has some weird ideas about marriage. He claimed that when his ex-wife approached him and proposed marriage, he was unable to prevent her from coming back to him.

Even though we have been apart for a while, our love is still very strong, said Kaan.


The 61-year-old farmer further claimed that despite their brief engagement and subsequent month-long marriage, his future bride is still madly in love with him. Kaan went into detail about why his first marriage didn’t work out.

“Due to my poor attitude then, my wife asked for a divorce after two years into the marriage,” he told Malay mail without elaborating on the poor attitude.


Kaan then decided to seek spiritual help that would make women go crazy for him.

“But I do not want to do things that are not good for women. I also refuse to play with their emotions.”

He added, “Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”

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