Israel-Hamas Conflict : Police Warn Against ‘Walk-Out Singapore’ Event


Singapore’s law enforcement has issued a statement in response to calls on social media for a gathering at the Singapore Botanical Gardens this weekend for a march named “Walk-Out Singapore.” The demonstration aims to showcase various viewpoints related to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

However, the Police have made it clear that acquiring a permit is mandatory for such activities, emphasizing that organizing or participating in public assemblies without one constitutes an offense under the Public Order Act 2009.

“A Police permit is required for such activities”, said the police in its statement

Citing concerns over public safety and security, which have been exacerbated by the heightened tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Police have firmly stated that they will not approve applications for events associated with the ongoing conflict. This stance applies to demonstrations supporting either side, the force clarified.

Referring to their previous statement on February 13th, SPF stated that they have specific concerns regarding public safety and security issues associated with assemblies and processions linked to the conflict.

“We will therefore not approve applications to hold events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, regardless of which side the support is for”, the police said. 

The Police also said they have actively engaged with the organizer of the “Walk-Out Singapore” march, offering guidance and reminding her of the regulations surrounding public demonstrations.

“We urge Singaporeans to treasure the social harmony we enjoy, and not engage in public demonstrations which may undermine this.  Please participate only in appropriately organised and lawful events and discussions, to express our concerns over the conflict” the police added in its statement.


On 2nd February 2024, a gathering of approximately 70 individuals congregated along Orchard Road and proceeded towards the Istana. Furthermore, during a private event organized around 7.30pm, an individual was observed live streaming publicly while chanting, “From the river to the sea,” and others responded by chanting, “Palestine will be free.”

At least 9 people have been called in for investigations related to the two events held on February 2, according to a activist group TJC (Transformative Justice Collective) Instagram statement.

“Two face police interrogation today”, wrote the group on Instagarm.

The organisers “strongly condemned” these investigations and express their disapproval of the actions taken by the Singapore Police Force.

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