Jail Time For OnlyFans Creator Titus Low For Breaching Police Order & Posting Obscene Content


Singaporean OnlyFans creator Titus Low Kaide jailed for three weeks for breaching a police order and fined S$3,000 for transmitting obscene material.

According to the report, the 22-year-old failed to comply with police orders not to access or use his OnlyFans account after a police report was lodged against him, a district court heard.


In order to change his password and add more content, he once told the OnlyFans help desk that the account had been hijacked.

He had nearly 2,000 active subscribers and paid a $20 monthly subscription fee with the option for tips from his audience. He posted images and videos of himself performing filthy behaviours, such as masturbating, while undressed, according to the report.

He made roughly US$240,000 (S$345,000) between April, when he first opened the OnlyFans account, and October of last year after tax deductions.

On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to one charge each of transmitting obscene material and failing to comply with a police order.

In sentencing Titus Low, District Judge Brenda Chua considered two other offences of transmitting obscene material and another offence of not complying with a police order. She described Low’s behaviour as showing “a blatant disregard for the law”.

Titus will begin serving his sentence on Oct 26 after the judge agreed to grant him the time to settle some of his affairs.

Those convicted of electronically transmitting obscene material can be jailed for up to three months or fined, or punished with both.

If convicted of failing to comply with the order not to access his OnlyFans account, Low could have been jailed for up to six months or fined up to S$5,000, or both.

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