Man Caught Filming Woman Secretly At Siloso Beach, Video Viral


Once again you are here to read about a new “caught in the act” story, this time a man was exposed for filming woman at Siloso Beach.

Twitter user @tigerc00chie posted series of tweets about her encounter with a man who was caught secretly filming her.

Here’s What Happened At The Beach :

The twitter handle @tigerc00chie said in a tweet that she was with her sister at Siloso Beach and they noticed the man walking past their mat & gave off weird vibe but initially they decided to ignore him.

As @tigerc00chie & her sister decided to pack and leave the place she noticed the man filming them secretly where he was holding his phone down but pointed towards them.

Proceeded To Call Him Out :

When @tigerc00chie decided to call him put after she saw what he was doing, when confessed the man initially responded like “Are you talking to me”?.

After she asked him to show his phone gallery she found out that the man had taken pictures of her sister and she deleted them.


After all this happened the woman was shocked to know that the guy has a girlfriend already. What’s more shameful is he was with his girlfriend at the beach and he did this and exposed by two sisters.


As soon as the tweets went viral on various social media platforms, the man decided to apologies to the woman via Instagram and here’s what he texted her.

The man said “I saw you girls doing what looked like Tiktok earlier and intended to take pictures on my way to the toilet to ask my friends if they recognize you from the platform”.

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