Man Falls Victim to Teenage Girls’ Extortion Plot, Loses $50K


In a shocking case of extortion, a 35-year-old man was forced to hand over $50,000 after paying a 17-year-old girl $600 for sexual services. The man, whose identity has been protected due to gag orders, was sentenced to nine weeks in jail after pleading guilty to the initial offense.

According to The Straits Times report, the man had contacted a user on the messaging platform Telegram in mid-February 2023 in search of sexual services. He met the 17-year-old girl in a Lengkok Bahru toilet near Redhill Road on Feb 26, where he paid her $600 for the services.

On March 6, the man offered her $400 to go to the movies with him, and she introduced him to another teenage girl, identified as A1, who was one year younger than her. The two girls then devised a plan to extort money from the man by threatening to report him to the police for engaging in sexual activities with a minor.

During a meeting at a multi-storey carpark near Lot One shopping mall in Choa Chu Kang, A1 confronted the man about his actions and demanded a payment of $50,000 to keep quiet.

After negotiations, the man transferred the amount to the older girl’s bank account in exchange for their silence.


Two teenage girls, identified as A1 and an older teenager, orchestrated a scheme to extort money from a 34-year-old man by offering sexual services and then threatening to expose him to the authorities. The man, who remains unnamed, engaged in the illegal transactions with the girls, unaware of their intentions to deceive and manipulate him.

In mid-February 2023, the man used the messaging platform Telegram to search for someone who could offer him sexual services. Information about the Telegram user has been removed from the court records.

The series of events unfolded beginning in mid-February 2023 when the man communicated with A1 on Telegram to seek sexual services. A local girl, later revealed to be the older teenager, was recruited to provide these services to the man in exchange for money.

The man met with the older teenager on multiple occasions, handing over a total of $950 for the services rendered, the report said.

On a fateful evening in March, the two girls confronted the man at Lot One shopping mall and threatened to expose his actions to the police.

DPP Rimplejit Kaur said in court: “The victim tried to flee but was prevented from doing so by A1 who obstructed his path. The victim pulled A1 and the latter shouted ‘molest’.

“On hearing this, the victim was frightened and asked (what was wanted from him). A1 told the victim that they wanted money.”

In a bid to avoid repercussions, the man agreed to pay a hefty sum of $50,000 to secure their silence. After transferring the amount to the older girl’s bank account, he was allowed to leave.

The man later reported the incident to the police on April 3, 2023, leading to the arrest of himself and A1. The older girl had previously been ordered to undergo reformative training for at least six months after pleading guilty to cheating and extortion in Feb 2024.

The younger girl’s A1 case is pending.


According to report, the victim suggested offering between $2,000 and $5,000, but A1 claimed she needed to settle a $100,000 debt. After some negotiation, they reached an agreement that the man would pay $50,000 in exchange for their silence.

The older teenager transferred $23,850 to A1, but later requested the younger girl to return the money. A1 had already spent some of the money and was only able to give back $18,000. It was discovered that the older girl used the remaining funds to purchase luxury items like jewelry and designer clothes, which prevented her from repaying the man.

However, the scheme didn’t end there. In April 2023, the girls deceitfully advertised sexual services on A1’s Telegram account, luring another unsuspecting man into their trap. After receiving $500 from the man, the girls absconded without providing any services as promised.

Following their arrest on April 4, 2023, it was revealed that the older teenager used the ill-gotten gains to fund extravagant purchases, leaving her unable to make restitution to the man. Both girls shared the stolen money equally, with each receiving $250. It is not clear from the court documents how the crimes were discovered, but the 34-year-old man and A1 were apprehended on April 4, 2023.

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