Man In India Tries To Sneak GF Out Of His Hostel In A Suitcase, CCTV Footage Viral


You may have seen a lot of crazy things people do for love but this story is more crazier than all of them.

A video of a student in India who was caught sneaking a female friend out of the hostel in a “Suitcase” has gone viral, yes you read it right.

A CCTV footage of the incident showed security guards questioning the boy on taking a suitcase outside the college hostel. From the footage it looks like the security guard had stopped the guy and asked him to open the suitcase to check what is inside and he opened it, as he opens the suitcase the girl popped right out of the suitcase.

We are sure that you will definitely laugh very hard after watching the footage.


According to Indian media reports the video was actually from the year 2019 and the location of the incident is still not verified, as Indian media sources couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the video.

However, some netizens claimed that video was from south part of Indian university named Manipal and few others claimed that it was from northern part of India Dehradun.

You might be wondering how can someone take their GF in a suitcase, well he did and got caught and now the whole world knows.

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