Man Kicks Six-week-old Son’s Pram & Throws It From 8th Floor Because He Cried During Sex


During an intimate encounter, a distressing incident occurred when a Singaporean man’s anger escalated upon hearing his six-week-old baby cry in the pram.

A 23-year-old Singaporean man, whose identity is protected by a gag order, has received a prison sentence and other penalties for assaulting his six-week-old infant and committing a series of other offenses.

According to Mothership, the sentencing was delivered on Friday, May 5.

On the evening of November 15, 2022, the man, his then-girlfriend, and their six-week-old son were gathered at the void deck of Block 464B Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, where the man’s girlfriend resided.


As per the reports, what started as an intimate moment between the couple took a tragic turn when their infant started crying.

Overwhelmed by rage, the man kicked his child’s pram, causing it to topple over and the baby to fall and hit their head on the ground.

The man grabbed the pram and tossed it from the eighth storey in a fit of rage. He also dropped a tin of milk powder and his girlfriend’s knapsack to the ground.

The son was then taken to the hospital by the girlfriend when she noticed a red mark on his forehead.

The pram, approximately 40cm high, proved unable to protect the infant from the impact. As a result, the child suffered a 1.5cm linear erythema mark on their forehead.

Alarmed, the girlfriend pushed the man aside to tend to their crying baby. However, before she could reach the child, the man callously kicked the pram, causing it to topple over. The baby fell out and hit their head on the ground, intensifying their cries.

The man faced a total of 13 charges, including theft, harassment, and the assault on his infant child. The court took all charges into consideration during sentencing.


On Friday, May 5, the man was sentenced to 13 months and nine weeks’ imprisonment. Additionally, he received three strokes of the cane as part of his punishment. The court imposed a gag order to protect the identity of the victim—the infant—who suffered harm in this incident.

The recent assault on the infant was not the man’s only encounter with the law. He had a history of various offenses, which influenced the severity of his sentencing, according to the report.

While undergoing reformative training, the man failed to comply with the requirements. He did not report back to the Reformative Training Centre (RTC) when recalled, and he committed additional offenses while released on supervision.

According to the report, during his period of supervision, the man allegedly stole an unlocked bicycle and used it to travel to his fiancée’s house. Moreover, he engaged in acts of harassment on behalf of an unknown moneylender, including spray-painting a victim’s house door with red paint and leaving a threatening note.


The court recognized the vulnerability of the infant and took into account the potential harm caused not only to the child but also to the public due to the man’s actions. Considering the young age of the child, the court acknowledged their vulnerability to head injuries. The mark on the baby’s forehead served as evidence of the harm inflicted upon them.

The court also took into consideration the potential danger posed by the man’s reckless act of throwing the baby’s pram. The action could have resulted in significant injury to passers-by had they been in the immediate vicinity.

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