Man Sentenced to Jail for Attacking Sex Worker Because He Was “Not Satisfied”


In a recent court hearing on Tuesday, a 28-year-old man was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to attacking a sex worker following a dispute over the quality of services provided.

According to CNA, Goh Jun Liang, a Malaysian national employed as a packer in a pharmaceutical company, admitted to voluntarily causing hurt to the victim, whose identity remains protected by a court-imposed gag order.


The incident, which occurred on April 16 of this year, unfolded when Goh came across the victim’s profile on a website advertising sexual services. The victim had listed her services at S$130 per act.

After arranging a meeting at her residence, Goh handed over the agreed amount and engaged in sexual activities with her.

However, the situation turned sour when Goh requested a second round of services.

As per the report, Goh yearned for an encore performance, presenting the sex worker with another S$130. Regrettably for Goh, he found himself unable to perform and necessitated the sex worker’s assistance. This experience left Goh with a sense of dissatisfaction, compounded by his belief that the sex worker had applied excessive force, resulting in discomfort.


Feeling dissatisfied and claiming that the victim’s actions had caused him pain, Goh’s frustration grew further when she referred to him as “troublesome” for taking too long.

In a shocking turn of events, Goh resorted to violence to retrieve his payment. After completing the second round of services and washing up, he picked up a metal water bottle from a table and began assaulting the victim by hitting her on her back and neck. He demanded the return of his money, and the victim, fearing for her safety, complied by handing over the S$260.

Following the assault, the victim immediately contacted a friend and reported the incident to the police. While she sustained swelling on her shoulder and experienced lingering pain in her head, she declined further medical attention.

For his actions, Goh faced the charge of voluntarily causing hurt, which carries a maximum penalty of up to three years’ imprisonment, a fine, or both. In light of his guilty plea and the circumstances surrounding the case, the court sentenced him to six weeks behind bars.

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