Man stabs roommate for loud snoring and a noisy mobile game, jailed


A 24-year-old sales assistant, Wang Ye, was sentenced to 12 months’ jail after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt using a weapon. The incident occurred after a dispute with his 22-year-old roommate over loud snoring and a noisy mobile game.

Wang Ye, a Chinese national, was sentenced to 12 months in jail on Wednesday (Feb 28) after admitting to causing harm with a weapon. Two other charges of the same nature were also considered during sentencing.


The dispute began in early November last year when Wang moved his mattress to the living room to avoid disturbing his roommate with his snoring. However, he was disturbed by his roommate playing a live game on his mobile phone at a high volume while having dinner.

According to DPP Phua, the accused then approached the complainant and accused him of playing the live game at a high volume, disturbing his rest after Wang returned from work.

“A verbal dispute ensued, with the accused and complainant exchanging vulgarities,” DPP said according to the report.

Wang, upon noticing a pair of scissors near the sofa in the living room, picked them up and proceeded to attack his roommate. He initially choked his roommate before attempting to stab him with the scissors.

The homeowner, a 45-year-old Singaporean female, intervened and took the scissors away from Wang. Undeterred, Wang then went to the kitchen and grabbed a 24cm kitchen knife, charging at his roommate once again.

Despite the homeowner’s efforts to stop him, Wang managed to push her aside and stabbed his roommate above the left rib cage, causing a 1cm wound and a severe bruise in the area.

Despite pleading for leniency and expressing remorse, Wang was sentenced to 12 months in jail by District Judge Kenneth Chin. The judge emphasized the seriousness of the offence and warned that Wang could have faced a heavier sentence if more serious injuries had occurred.

“Given the weapon you used, you should be thankful no more serious injuries were caused. If not, you would be expecting a heavier sentence,” Judge added.

The victim sustained a 1cm wound and was given 13 days of hospitalization leave. Wang’s sentence will be backdated by a day to account for the time he spent in remand. For voluntarily causing hurt using a weapon, Wang could have faced up to seven years in jail, a fine, caning, or a combination of the three.

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