Man Who Sexually Assaulted Step Daughter & Posted Her Nudes On “SG Nasi Lemak”, Jailed For 11 Years & 6 Months


The judge called it a “sad case” and that the man’s actions had “violated the sanctity of his relationship with the victim (step daughter)”.

A man who forced his stepdaughter to take nude photographs of herself and send them to him over WhatsApp, then made her perform obscene sex acts on him in 2017 is now sentenced to 11 and half years jail, as well as 15 strokes of the cane.

On Monday (July 25), the 38-year-old Singaporean was sentenced in the High Court to 11 years and six months’ jail, as well as 15 strokes of the cane.

According to Today Online, the man pleaded guilty to one charge each of sexual assault by penetration of a minor, molestation, and procuring an indecent act from a child. Three other similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing.

He cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, who is now aged 15.

What happened & When :
According to Today Online, the court heard on Monday that the man first married the girl’s mother in 2008, two years after the girl was born.

The couple then divorced in 2013 but remarried three years later. They had two sons together.

He first sexually abused the girl in June 2017, when they were living in a flat in Jurong East. He approached her while she was lying in bed alone in her grandmother’s room and directed her to perform an indecent act on him.

The victim complied because she regarded him as a father figure and felt that she could not refuse him, told the Deputy Public Prosecutors (DPPs) Yvonne Poon and Eric Hu in court.

She could not comprehend her stepfather’s cunning request either, but later that evening, after he had sexually assaulted her once more, she said that she no longer wanted to comply.

She kept it a secret out of fear that her mother would end up divorcing him once more, dissolving the family. She was worried about what might happen to her younger stepbrothers because she had already experienced the effects of the first divorce.

She was encouraged to believe that the assaults would not occur again because nothing troubling occurred until May 2019, according to the prosecution.

Her mother, who is now 35 years old, had given up her job a few months earlier to care for the kids. Additionally, they had relocated to a flat in Teck Whye.

Boyfriend’s Role In This Case :

After looking through her phone on May 25, 2019 morning, the stepfather woke her up.

He discovered that they had recently had sex after reading her text messages with her lover, who was also 12 years old.

Because she had already given him the passcode, the man was able to access the girl’s phone.

She was intimidated and humiliated when he approached her and was unsure of how to react.

Then he threatened to tell her mother unless she did something for him. She was at a loss and didn’t say anything until he asked her to send him some images of herself in her underwear.

The court heard that she complied with his orders so that he would not inform her mother that she had sex with her lover, Today reported.

Her stepfather texted her while she was using the restroom, asking her to smile and take a picture of her intimate areas. She snapped many pictures and WhatsApped them to him.

After crying in the bathroom, she went outside and discovered him waiting at the kitchen door. He molested her, forced her to do another sex act for him, and snapped a vulgar picture of her.


He then asked her to call her boyfriend over, told the younger boy to use a condom and passed one to him.

To attend a workshop, the two youngsters left their apartment. She was terrified to go home alone with her stepfather, so she begged her boyfriend to go with her, according to today online report.

She informed the boy what had happened in the morning, but she wouldn’t tell her mother because she was worried about the repercussions.

Foldable Knife For Self Defense :

Her boyfriend gave her a multipurpose tool and a small foldable knife, telling her to keep them.

Shortly after that, the stepfather sexually assaulted her once more and she contemplated using the foldable knife on herself because she wanted to die, the prosecution told the court

She requested to meet her lover later that day and sobbed in front of him. She persisted in refusing to notify her mother despite his pleading.


Then he instructed her that he had to assist her and let an adult know what had transpired. He discovered that she was a member of the pornographic SG Nasi Lemak chat group after looking through her cell phone.

Three of her nude images were shared by her stepfather, who had joined the group using her cellphone.

Later, the younger guy met the girl’s aunt and gave her a portable thumbdrive containing a duplicate of the images.

On July 3, 2019, the elder woman confronted the man over the phone after telling the victim’s mother. At first, he was combative and denied doing anything.

He was arrested on July 26 that same year.

When examined at the Institute of Mental Health, a psychiatrist found that he was likely intoxicated during his offences but still understood the nature of his wrongdoing. He did not have mental illnesses or an intellectual disability.

In sentencing him on Monday, High Court judge Dedar Singh Gill called it a “sad case” and that his actions had “violated the sanctity of his relationship with the victim”.

“The circulation of her nude photos degraded her further,” the judge added.

Those convicted of sexually assaulting a minor under 14 can be jailed for up to 20 years, and fined or caned.

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