Married Woman Looking For Other Man, Cause Her Husband Not Good In Bed


A married woman worried about her life & asking for public advice because her husband is not good in anything.

NUSWhispers, shared this story of married woman looking for long term s*x partner because of her husband is not good in bed. The woman shared that she is tired of life because her husband is almost “non existent”, and “isn’t earning enough”, not good at handling kids and her s*x life is boring.

The Woman Wrote :

I feel so tired of my life,

I have to work, take care of the kids. S** is almost non existent as he is tired with work. He isnt earning enough, not good at handling kids stuff and even if there is s** its so boring. I am paying for most of the stuff household, car, kids stuff.

Don’t want to regret :

But honestly the real killer is the lack of good s** and intimacy. I am fairly marketable and honestly I really don’t want to wait until I am old in my 50s 60s and start regretting, really contemplating having an affair just for s**.

Been telling him n getting rejected many times and i am tired of trying. Where can i get a long term s** partner who is ok with my status and safely healthy? Please don’t bash me. I am just physically mentally emotionally drained and deprived.

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