Mechanic Jailed for Secretly Recording Common Toilet Users, Including Boss’s Wife


In a shocking case of voyeurism, a 34-year-old mechanic has been sentenced to four months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to three charges of voyeurism.

Gunasegaran Pual, employed as a mechanic at a workshop owned by the victim’s husband, was caught recording videos of people using the workshop’s common toilet.

According to the reports, Gunasegaran would secretly place a recording device on the toilet floor, carefully concealing it with anti-slip floor covering. Despite getting caught once and being let off by a victim, he persisted with his intrusive behavior.

Authorities uncovered more than 80 explicit images and videos of his victims on different recording devices found in his possession.

The first recorded incident occurred in April 2022 when Gunasegaran positioned a recording device on the toilet floor, cleverly leaning against the right wall with the lens facing the squatting pan. The device was skillfully hidden from sight using anti-slip floor covering.

Analysis of the device revealed 71 videos, seven of which captured individuals using the toilet, although their faces were not visible.

A month later, the suspect’s actions took a bolder turn. The victim, who performed administrative tasks at the workshop, noticed a pair of pants hanging behind the toilet door.

Upon inspection, she discovered a black phone in the pocket, with the recording function activated. Recognizing the phone as Gunasegaran’s, she confronted him. In an attempt to dissuade her from taking any action, the culprit pleaded for mercy. Despite relenting, the victim retained possession of the phone.

Further investigation of the phone unveiled 14 videos, three of which were intimate recordings of the victim using the toilet. Additionally, 74 screenshots were found, depicting the woman in compromising positions during her private moments in the toilet. The majority of these images showed her adjusting or removing her underwear.

Gunasegaran’s disturbing behavior persisted in July 2022, as he placed another recording device in the toilet on numerous occasions, estimated to be between 20 and 30 times. During that month, the victim noticed suspicious behavior from the mechanic while in the toilet. Upon inspection, she discovered yet another recording device discreetly placed on a rack, alongside washing liquids. This time, she chose not to confront the culprit and retained possession of the device.

The victim only lodged a police report several months later, in October of the same year. Details regarding the delay were not disclosed in court documents, according to the report.

During the mitigation plea, Gunasegaran appealed for leniency, citing the need to continue working to support his two children. However, each count of voyeurism carries a maximum penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment, a fine, caning, or any combination of the three.

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