Mother Who Permitted Her 8-Year-Old Son to Use Women’s Toilet Fined, Read Full Story


Surprisingly, what started as a simple request for an eight-year-old boy to use the women’s toilet turned into a physical fight, and one mother even drove recklessly against traffic to confront another woman. Eventually, one of them received a court fine as a result of the incident.

Wang Jing, a 39-year-old mother, found herself in a heated dispute with 33-year-old Tan Siok Khim Irish and her colleague, Ms. Tay Lay Leng, over the use of a restroom at Block 750A Chai Chee Lane, a commercial office building, on July 5th of 2022.

The altercation eventually led to Wang being fined S$3,000 by a court, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.


According to CNA, the incident began innocuously enough when Wang instructed her son to use the women’s toilet, a decision that would set the stage for the ensuing conflict. As the boy entered the restroom, Wang waited outside, unaware that trouble was brewing inside.

Inside the women’s restroom, Tan and Ms. Tay encountered Wang’s son, prompting Ms. Tay to comment that the boy was too old to be using the women’s facilities and should have utilized the men’s restroom located elsewhere in the building. These comments did not go unnoticed by Wang, and the confrontation quickly escalated.

While in an elevator heading to the ground floor, Wang raised her voice, asserting that there was no issue with her son using the women’s restroom. She also began to make disparaging comments about Tan’s appearance, further fueling the dispute. The situation turned physical when Wang swung her hand at Tan, tearing her mask in the process.

Ms. Tay intervened, attempting to separate the two women as they alighted from the elevator. However, the altercation continued, with Wang directing hurtful comments toward Tan, even involving Tan’s mother in the exchange.

As per the report, this exchange culminated in Tan pushing Wang in the chest, causing her to fall backward. Ms. Tay intervened once more, pulling Tan away from the situation as they left the scene. However, the dispute was far from over.

Wang returned to her vehicle and embarked on a dangerous pursuit, searching for the two women. When she spotted them at a zebra crossing, she drove against traffic and accelerated toward them, narrowly avoiding a collision with Ms. Tay. Wang then exited her car, physically restraining Tan while claiming to have called the police.

Fortunately, police arrived on the scene, bringing an end to the confrontation.

Tan sustained injuries during the ordeal, including mild bruising and swelling of her cheek, a bruise on her lips, and abrasions on her neck.

In the aftermath of this shocking incident, Wang Jing faced legal consequences. She pleaded guilty to one count each of criminal force and a rash act endangering personal safety, with a third charge taken into consideration.

While the prosecutor sought a fine of S$2,500 for Wang, citing her as the initial aggressor, medical reports indicated that Tan’s injuries were less severe.

For her part in the altercation, Tan had previously been fined S$1,000 earlier that month.

Regarding the use of criminal force, Wang faced the possibility of imprisonment for up to three months, a fine of up to S$1,500, or both.

As for the charge related to a rash act endangering personal safety, she could have been sentenced to a maximum of six months in jail, fined up to S$2,500, or both.

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