‘My wife is killing my son now… : Man sentenced to jail for falsely accusing wife of assault


A husband fabricated lies to falsely incriminate his wife, ultimately leading to her arrest and subsequent remand at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). The man even went as far as cutting his own hand with a knife and blaming his wife for the injury.

The 42-year-old woman was remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) after the 39-year-old man made false allegations against her, including attempting to kill their two-year-old son, according to report.


The man had fabricated a story claiming that his wife had choked their son and had even gone as far as cutting his own hand with a knife to make it seem like she was the aggressor.

As a result, the woman was arrested and charged with assault in a district court.

However, two days after her release from IMH, the man finally came clean and admitted to his lies in a statement to the authorities. He was subsequently sentenced to two months in jail after pleading guilty to giving false information to a public servant and providing false evidence.

The man cannot be named to protect the identity of his son, who was involved in the false allegations. At the time of the incidents, the woman had a personal protection order against her husband.

The man had provoked a quarrel with his wife at their Punggol flat, leading to the fabricated story that she was harming their son. He deliberately injured himself with a knife in an attempt to frame her for the assault.

At around 9am on Sept 28, 2023, the man texted his wife that he was going to their home in Punggol to collect some clothes. Later that day, between 9pm and 11pm, he went to the flat and got into a heated argument with his wife, but the reasons behind the quarrel were not disclosed.

“In a fit of anger, the accused stormed into the kitchen and dialled ‘999’… He reported as follows: “My wife is killing my son now. Totally drunk. Send someone now” according to report.

“The wife ignored the accused and entered the bedroom together with her son, closing the door behind her.”

To fabricate evidence for a police investigation, the man purposefully cut his hand with a kitchen knife. Police officers arrived at the scene around 12.30am on Sept 29, 2023, and arrested the wife on suspicion of assault.

The husband then gave a statement to another officer around 2.30am, where he falsely accused his wife of choking their son and attempting to stab him with a knife, claiming he called the police out of fear for their son’s safety.

According to ST, DPP said : “During the statement recording, the accused informed that V1 (the wife) had (choked) their son for three to five seconds…with such force that their son jerked backwards. According to the accused, he intervened, following which V1 went to the kitchen to take out a knife before running towards him.

“He narrated how she… tried to stab his facial area, and that she cut his left hand when he raised his hand to block her attack.”

The man stated in court that he ended the made-up story by explaining that he contacted the police out of concern for their son’s safety.

He pleaded guilty to one count each of giving false information to a public servant and providing false evidence, resulting in a two-month jail sentence on July 10.

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