Netizens Slam Young Punk For Not Cleaning The Mess He Made After “Prank” At Punggol Macdonald Outlet


The video showed a young boy standing in the middle of MacDonald outlet and pouring water on himself & running away from the place without cleaning it.

We understand that entertainment is a part of our life, as kids we all want to have fun in various ways but troubling others in public & creating nuisance in the name of social media challenges/pranks is not acceptable at all.

The Singapore incidents Facebook page shared a video submitted by their user, where one young man was pouring water on himself and three girls were seen recording him.

As soon as he pours two cups of water on himself, he shouts something and all of them run away from there.

From the video it looks like these youngsters were playing a prank.

The video was captioned as,

“Hi, i would like you to help expose an inconsiderate act conducted by a group of YPs at Punggol Safra macdonald.

First, one of them bought ice cream then slapped it on his own face, throwing the remaining on the floor, creating a mess (photo as attached).

This is the mess they made at the outlet and ran away. The poor workers had to clean this mess later.


Then, they requested for 2 cups of water for another one of their stupid pranks, which he poured over himself in the store, creating a puddle of water and the poor old uncle had to clean after their mess (on top of that, they did not clear their trays).”

Netizens response :


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