Angry YP Throws Tray At Stall Worker, Gets Beaten Up With Scoop [ Video Viral]


A stall worker was seen beating up an young man with a scoop at a noodle shop situated near Blk 455 Fernvale area, the video has now gone viral.

A netizen posted a video on Facebook where four people were seen arguing with a stall worker but it was unclear about why the argument was started in the first place.

Video shows, a woman shouting at a stall worker after the young man was beaten up with a scoop.

The video was posted on social media without any context, only location of the incident was mentioned as “Happen at Sengkang east road coffee shop”.

After the video went viral on social media, another netizen posted a CCTV footage installed inside a noodle shop where stall worker was cooking something on his own.

Suddenly young man (customer) throws a tray towards him in few seconds stall worker comes out of his stall with a scoop in hand and he was seen beating up the young man with it.

The netizen said the “drama was started by throwing tray at uncle and the first video was aftermath video”.

The video was posted with a caption,

The video should be seen by everyone becoz what is circulating in the aftermath. Customer started the drama by throwing tray at the Uncle while Uncle was cooking. Honestly, father and mother dunno how to teach.

Respect stall holders, try cooking few hundred bowls of noodle in a few hours. It is super hard work.

Young boy, U lucky U threw tray at Noodle stall, the most deadly weapon they have is the scoop. Imagine U threw the tray at the Roast Duck Stall. Or is it U see Uncle good to bully? No balls to try throwing tray at the tattoo guys behind the Roast Duck stall?

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