Ninja Van Driver Scolds Customer For Writing Wrong Postal Code, Says “I’ll Be Riding Your Mom At Night”


A netizen recently took Facebook to share his unpleasant experience with Ninja Van driver who used vulgarities against him over parcel delivery.

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The man posted few screenshots of conversation between him and the Ninja Van driver on Complaint Singapore and said no other customer should ever face this kind of situation.

From the screenshots it looks like there was an issue with postal code and the delivery was re-scheduled for the next day. When the customer expressed his disappointment about the Ninja Van delivery read what happened next.

The Customer Wrote :

NINJA VAN and it’s vulgar drivers.

“Today I was contacted via what’s app by the ninja van driver asking to clarify my address. There was an issue with the postal code so it was rectified and the delivery was pushed for the next day but not without sarcasm and complaints from the driver”.


The conversation escalated very quickly where the driver asked me to get back to my country, that he was going to f*** my mother, death threats and many other colorful sentences.


The customer added “It took me about an hour to get a hold to somebody at Ninja Van but they did not seem to care about how the driver was presenting their brand and offending customers whilst of course the driver was still texting me”.


Looks Like Driver Unhappy At Work : Customer

“I don’t really know what else to do so I came to post this here.”

Hopefully Ninja Van gets to see this and rethinks how they manage their staff. Clearly the driver is not happy at work and with its current conditions yet the customer should never face this kind of offences”.

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