Peacock Attack : A Woman Was Also Attacked By Same Peacock In 2020


Recently a mother of 3-year-old girl shared about the peacock attack which happened in front of Serangoon Gardens residence.

The 3-year-old girl and her father were attacked by a pet peacock owned by a resident at Serangoon Gardens, both were injured after the attack. The mother alleged that the owner blamed the little girl for staring at the peacock.

Earlier, the mother posted about the incident on Facebook which went viral and now in an update on the case she shared that another victim (woman) has come forward and said she was also attacked by the peacock from same house back in August 2020.

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The child’s mother Kris Chan, thanked netizens for their tremendous support and advice on the case said she is grateful for their support. She also mentioned about the unfair comments she received on her First Post about the attack.

Many many thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support, advice and empathy from so many warm hearted people out there. We’re extremely grateful and heartened by your support.

To the naysayers and keyboard warriors who’ve been posting their biased unsubstantiated and unfair comments. I just want to say my husband is the most loving and caring father I know and I have 100% trust he did his best and utmost to protect our daughter. When you’re a parent then you can tell me whether you can carry/protect your kid every nano second of the time.


Peacock Attack In 2020 :

The mother of 3-year-old wrote “The most shocking thing to us that’s come out after our post yesterday is the fact that ours is not an isolated incident and definitely not the first. Several people have come forward to let us know they or people they know have similarly been attacked by peacock from the same house’.

One particular case was from AUGUST 2020 where the lady suffered a 1cm laceration on the face and a police report was lodged. She was told to feed back to animal_feedback under AVS and she did but apparently nothing much came out of it at all.


The owners similarly accepted no blame and simply gave her some turmeric powder and olive oil to apply and told her to go seek medical help herself. Attached photos below of her injury/report to animal_feedback and police report with her permission.


So the owner MUST have known that his peacock is aggressive and yet he didn’t implement any safety measures at all. That is truly unbelievable and unimaginable to us. THE BIRD HAS A HISTORY OF ATTACKING STRANGERS, not just kids but also adults, AND THE OWNER CONTINUED TO LET IT ROAM FREE WITH GATE WIDE OPEN.

Appeal : We encourage victims of similar incidents from the same house to please come forward and contact us. I would like to appeal to anyone who might have cctv / car cam recordings of the incident to please send them to us. The incident happened at the junction of Tavistock Ave & Huddington Ave at around 5.58pm on 28.11.2021 Sunday.

Kris Chan also mentioned that she has not received any follow up calls from either the owners of the peacock or AVS.

As per reports from Strait Times, Ms Jessica Kwok, group director of community animal management at Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster under NParks, said on Wednesday that NParks is investigating the case of the three-year-old girl who needed stitches on her face after a pet peacock attacked her on Sunday.

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