People’s Alliance: Four Opposition Parties Unite for Singapore’s Next General Election


In a significant development for Singapore’s political landscape, four opposition parties have announced the formation of an alliance called the People’s Alliance, aimed at contesting the upcoming General Election. The leader of the People’s Voice party, lawyer and politician Lim Tean, made the announcement on Thursday. The four parties involved in the alliance are the Peoples Voice, Reform Party, People’s Power Party, and Democratic Progressive Party.

Lim Tean revealed that discussions to form the alliance had been ongoing since January, marking a departure from previous unsuccessful attempts at opposition party unity.

In a Facebook post, he stated, “We have heeded the calls of Singaporeans and decided that the time for talking about opposition unity without the formation of an alliance is long past.”

The People’s Alliance has appointed its first central executive committee members, with Kenneth Jeyaretnam as Chairman, Peter Soh as Vice-Chairman, Lim Tean as Secretary-General, and Yasmine Valentina as Assistant Secretary-General, among others.

Lim Tean further emphasized that the alliance would contest in all the seats previously contested by the respective parties in the 2020 General Election and would expand its reach even further. The alliance has also developed a comprehensive manifesto addressing critical issues affecting Singapore’s future prosperity.

The four parties have taken the necessary steps to register the People’s Alliance with the Registry of Societies. Upon approval of the registration, a press conference and official launch for the alliance will be held.

The formation of the People’s Alliance signifies a renewed effort by opposition parties in Singapore to consolidate their resources and present a unified front to challenge the ruling party in the upcoming General Election, which must be held by 2025. With the alliance’s formation, Singapore’s political landscape is poised for increased competition and a potentially more robust democratic discourse.


A Very Important Anouncement!

I am very pleased to announce that Peoples Voice,Reform Party,People’s Power Party and Democratic Progressive have formed an alliance called People’s Alliance.We have taken steps to register The Alliance with the Registry of Societies and our four parties will contest the next General Election under the banner of The Alliance.

Please read our Press Release below.

PV would be most grateful if all of you could help us share this important news so that Singaporeans know of The Alliance.


Over the years, Singaporeans have clamored for a United Opposition to take on the ruling People’s Action Party.

These calls have magnified in recent years given the deteriorating conditions of life Singaporeans find themselves in. Whether it is the excruciating cost of living, unaffordable property prices or job insecurity, amongst many other grievances, Singaporeans realise that the ruling PAP is no longer up to the task of moving our country forward.

Since January 2023, Peoples Voice, Reform Party, People’s Power Party and the Democratic Progressive Party have been engaged in discussions to form an alliance. Past attempts to forge an alliance of the opposition parties, most recently in 2018, when 7 parties came together for talks, unfortunately went nowhere.

We have heeded the calls of Singaporeans and decided that the time for talking about opposition unity without the formation of an alliance,is long past.

Today,we are pleased to inform Singapore that our four parties have agreed to form an alliance and that we are taking steps to register our Alliance with the Registry of Societies.

We intend for our four parties to contest the next General Election under the banner of The Alliance. We are agreed on the most critical issues affecting the prosperity of our people and country in the coming decades. We have a ready manifesto to take to the country for the General Election.

The Alliance will contest in all the seats which the respective parties contested in for GE 2020 and more, for the coming General Election.

The Alliance is called People’s Alliance. It means an alliance of the People of Singapore coming together to protect and further their interest as a community of citizens.

We hope that The Alliance will form meaningful alliances with other parties for the benefit of our country, so that finally, Singaporeans’ long held dream of a united opposition will be fulfilled.

We have agreed that the first Central Executive Committee of People’s Alliance shall consist of the following office bearers:-

i. Kenneth Jeyaretnam – Chairman

ii. Peter Soh – Vice-Chairman

iii. Lim Tean – Secretary-General

iv. Yasmine Valentina – Assistant Secretary-

v. Mohamad Hamim Bin Aliyas – Treasurer

vi. Michael Fang – Assistant Treasurer

vii. Goh Meng Seng – Organising Secretary

viii. Juliana Binte Juwahir – Assistant
Organising Secretary

ix. Abdul Malik Bin Rahmat – Member

x. Lim Lian Chin – Member

xi. Chiu Shin Kong – Member

xii. Mahaboob Batcha s/o Abdul Rasheed –

After the registration has been approved, we shall hold a Press Conference and official launch for People’s Alliance.

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