Raeesah Khan Makes A Shocking Revelation About Party Leaders


Ex MP Raeesah Khan reveals in front of a committee of privileges that the senior Workers’ Party leaders had told Raeesah Khan to stick to the lie she told in Parliament in August month.

In August, Raeesah Khan Admitted To Lying About Rape Allegations In Paraliment.

In November, Raeesah Khan Announced Her Resignation From Workers Party

According to the special report submitted to parliament by Committee Of Privileges (COP) lead by Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin.

Ex MP Raeesah Khan has given evidence to the Committee that she had been told by Workers’ party senior leaders leaders Pritam Singh, Faisal Manap & Sylvia Lim to stick to the lie she told in Parliament & if she and the party ‘could get away with it, there was no need to clarify the lie.

Committee Of Privileges (COP) Report :

Discussion : Raeesah & Party Leaders

Key Points : Raeesah told the committee that she had lied to parliament on 3 Aug 2021, when she said she had accompanied a sexual assault survivor to the police station and that the survivor had told her after leaving the station, that the police had made inappropriate comments about her attire, and the fact that she had been drinking.

  • After her speech in Parliament on 3 Aug 2021, Workers’ Party leader asked Raeesah about the anecdote she cited in Parliament. In response Raeesah informed him that her statement was not true on 7 August 2021.
  • On 08 August 2021 Raeesah met three senior party leaders Pritam Singh, Faisal Manap & Sylvia Lim and told them that she lied in parliament and she had no way of substantiating the statements she had made. The senior leaders’ told her that

“The best thing to do would be to continue with the narrative that she had already given in Parliament on 3 Aug, If she and the party (WP) gets away with it, there was no need to clarify the lie.

If the matter was brought up again, there would also be no need for her to clarify and there was no need for the truth to be told.


After her meeting with party leaders on same day Raeesah told her secretarial assistant Loh Pei Ying and Workers’ Party volunteer Yudhishthra Nathan what happened at the meeting and she texted them :

“Hey guys, I just met pritam, Sylvia and Faisal. And we spoke about the Muslim issue and the police accusation. I told them what I told you guys, and they’ve agreed that the best thing to do is to take the information to the grave. They also suggested that I write a statement to send out this evening.”

Two issues referred in above statement : Muslim issues affecting women and lie about the sexual assault case.

The statement “take the information to the grave” is referred to the sexual assault case and Raeesah should continue to lie about it and allegations against the police (which was also a lie).

The video recordings of the hearings have been made public on the parliament website.

You can watch the part “The best thing for her to do would be to continue with the narrative” at (7 minutes 30 seconds to 10 minute) in below video.

[Watch] : Committee of Privileges Hearing on 2 December 2021 – Ms Raeesah Khan

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