Remember This Guy Who Confessed About Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl On Instagram Live..? He Pleaded Guilty


Some of you might have read about this incident that happened a year back where one teenager (18) was arrested by police for his involvement in sexual assault case on November 22. After video of him dragging the victim down the stairs where the girl was not in a conscious state went viral.

In an update on the case The Straits Times reported that the teen pleaded guilty to five charges on Tuesday.

According to the report, the man now 19-year-old admitted to one count of sexual penetration of a minor below 16 years of age. He also pleaded guilty to two theft-related charges, one count of cheating and one count of driving without a licence.

He cannot be named due to a gag order protecting the victim’s identity.

Here’s what happened on that day according to the straitstimes report.

“On Sept 21, 2021, the 14-year-old secondary school girl met the accused at a mutual friend’s flat”.

The accused mixed an alcoholic drink for the victim, who drank it and began feeling tipsy and unwell. She vomited in the toilet, dirtying her clothes in the process, and lay on the floor, according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Teo Siu Ming.

DPP said that “The accused then took off her pants after realising the victim had vomited on them. She didn’t object because she believed he was attempting to assist her with cleaning up”.

The accused then took off her underpants and engaged in sexual activity with the victim. He didn’t stop until she twice asked him to. She stayed lying on the floor of the toilet since she was still feeling sick.

She was still unconscious when the group left the apartment, so the accused and their friend attempted to carry her down the stairs.

The accused pulled the victim halfway down the stairs by her arms as the viral video showed. She then slid down the remaining steps of the staircase.


The group found this “humorous” and one of them took a video. The victim was subsequently taken home by her grandparents who were contacted, according to ST report.

The next day the victim messaged the accused on Instagram asking him what had happened. He admitted that he had performed a sexual act and apologized for doing so.

Who Exposed Him..??

“On Nov 20, 2021, their mutual friend made several posts about the incident on Instagram. He uploaded the video of the girl sliding down the stairs and also stated that the accused had performed a sexual act on her”.

“Two days later, at their mutual friend’s behest to make a public apology of what had happened in the flat, the accused joined an Instagram Live – a live stream where participants can comment and react”.


“As the matter had gained traction on social media, some local social media influencers requested to join… the Instagram Live,” said DPP Teo in court according to ST.

The accused was questioned by influencers during the live stream and he admitted to performing a sexual act. The incident went viral and members of public reported to police. The accused was arrested on Nov 23, 2021.


Separately, the suspect was charged with stealing three liquor bottles worth $264 from Cold Storage in Takashimaya in July 2021. He stole six alcohol bottles for $528 in that same month from the supermarket chain’s Velocity location.

He was also charged for renting a vehicle using a GetGo car-sharing account that he acquired in September 2021 from a seller. He drove the car to ferry his friends around despite not holding a driving licence then, according to DPP Teo.


DPP Teo requested District Judge Kessler Soh to call for a “reformative training report” as the accused had committed a wide spectrum of offences and demonstrated the need for a more structured rehabilitative environment. Reformative training is a rehabilitative sentencing option for young offenders aged under 21 who are found to be unsuitable for probation.

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