Shocking : Boy Caught Having Sex With “Cat” In Bukit Panjang, Video Viral


A disturbing incident of animal cruelty has been captured on CCTV footage outside an HDB flat in Bukit Panjang, and has since gone viral on the internet.

The incident has sparked outrage and disgust among the local community.

The CCTV footage captured the man approaching the animal and then committing the act. The identity of the boy has not been revealed yet.


The footage allegedly shows a male youth assaulting a cat, by pulling down his pants and trying to have sex with the cat from behind. The incident took place on April 8, at around 1:51am.

The cat’s owner, Ismul, posted a video of the incident on his Instagram Story, in the hopes of seeking justice for his pet.

The video shows culprit wearing a bag and looking around before committing the heinous act.

According to the cat owner Ismul, the cat showed signs of trauma following the incident, and he has made a police report. However, Ismul claims that “nothing much can be done” at the moment.

Here’s what the Cat Welfare Society said in response to the viral video.

CWS is aware of the incident involving a young person and a cat outside an HDB flat in Bukit Panjang. We expect that the authorities will be swiftly investigating the matter given that the report has been made and video footage is available.
Singapore is a shared space between human beings and community animals. They deserve to be treated with dignity and live safely in their communities.
With pet cats, there is a duty of care imposed on owners – it is every pet owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their pets. This is easily achieved by keeping their cats indoors. We hope that the family whose cat was affected will act responsibly and keep their cat safely indoors.
With the recent incidents involving younger individuals mistreating and abusing animals, we believe there should be an active effort to incorporate lessons on caring for community animals and responsible pet ownership in our school curriculum.
To that end, we are working on an education programme that we hope to be able to share in the next quarter with educators and authorities.

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