Shocking Case : Man Secretly Films 76 Women Having Sex With Him, Gets 8 Months Jail


In a shocking case of voyeurism, a man named Johan Wijaya has been sentenced to eight months in jail after pleading guilty to five counts of secretly recording women during intimate encounters.

The incidents took place over a five-year period and involved women he met through popular dating applications like Tinder and OkCupid. The court also considered eleven additional charges during the sentencing, according to the reports.

The investigation revealed that Johan had recorded a total of 76 women over a span of five years. However, not all instances resulted in charges being brought against him. The police discovered these recordings on Johan’s devices, which contained 391 videos in total.

Among them, 336 videos featured voyeuristic elements.


As per the reports, Johan’s modus operandi involved asking the women he met online if they were interested in casual relationships before arranging in-person meetings. During these encounters, he concealed a video camera within a power bank charger, which he strategically positioned to face the bed while the women were occupied in the bathroom or shower.

The covert nature of the camera allowed Johan to record the intimate acts without the women’s knowledge. He saved the videos on his laptop or hard drive, meticulously naming them with the victims’ identities and the date they were taken, enabling him to view them later.

It should be noted that the names of the victims cannot be disclosed due to a court order implemented to protect their identities.

Although Johan did not distribute the videos to third parties, Deputy Public Prosecutor Chin Jincheng presented evidence that on January 6, 2021, Johan engaged in a sexual encounter with a 25-year-old woman he had connected with on a dating app.

Over subsequent meetings, Johan secretly recorded 16 videos showcasing the woman in explicit situations, including full nudity with her face and private parts visible. The woman initially discovered one of the recordings made using Johan’s mobile phone and subsequently filed a police report.

The extent of the recordings only came to light after the police extracted them from Johan’s seized laptop, revealing the existence of 391 videos, 336 of which contained voyeuristic content. Among the victims were the aforementioned 25-year-old woman and four others, whose cases formed the basis for the charges brought against Johan.

The court documents did not provide details regarding the circumstances that led to her eventual discovery.

During the court proceedings, Johan admitted to filming his sexual encounters without the consent or knowledge of his partners, acknowledging that he had purchased the power bank with the hidden camera back in 2017 specifically for this purpose.

The offense of voyeurism carries a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment, fines, caning, or a combination of these punishments for each count.

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