Shocking Video Of Girls Fighting at CSC Changi 2 Goes Viral, Police Investigating


Four teenagers, aged between 14 and 15, are currently assisting police in their investigations after a video of a fight at the Civil Service Club (CSC) chalet along Leuchars Road went viral on Saturday (Nov 18). The incident, which occurred last Friday (Nov 17) , has sparked widespread attention online.

According to the police, the altercation at the CSC @ Changi 2 was reported at around 10:15 pm. A 15-year-old female teenager suffered minor injuries but declined medical assistance.

The police have stated that investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

A video shared on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, Facebook shows four girls physically assaulting another girl on the ground while hurling vulgarities at her.

The involved individuals were surrounded by a group of onlookers cheering & asking them to ‘W*ack” the victim, with some of them filming the incident.

In the video, the perpetrators demand the victim stand up while receiving cheers and laughter from some bystanders. The video quickly gained traction online, receiving over thousands of views since its upload on Sunday at singapura.virall Instagram account & also on sub reddit r/sgsecret.

Media reported that they have reached out to CSC @ Changi 2 for their comments on the incident.

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