Singapore Woman Accuses Man Of Peeping Into Toilet When She Was Inside, Shares Video


We have seen many types of perverts getting exposed in Singapore, once again there is a case of pervert peeping into ladies toilet who has been exposed by a brave lady.

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In a new case, according the lady who shared about this incident on Facebook to warn other women said that this happened on Sunday Jan 9.

The incident believed to have happened in a toilet stall at Pasir Ris when the woman was alone and she heard sound of someone breaking heavily. Immediately when she looked around she saw this man looking at her from the top of toilet stall.

She wrote,

“please beware of this man. I was peeing alone in the female toilet (nobody else was in the toilet) when I heard heavy breathing and someone stepping on the toilet seat. I then felt like someone was looking at me so I looked around and saw this man looking at me from on top of my cubicle”.

As soon as they both made eye contact man stepped down from toilet seat and the woman went outside to confront him about why was he peeping into her cubicle. The man suddenly started to run away from the scene but the brave woman managed to capture his face and posted a short video of him running away after getting caught.

The moment we made eye contact , he instantly stepped down from the toilet seat. I left the cubicle immediately and waited outside for about 5mins to clarify as to why he was in the female toilet. so when he came out from the female toilet , i asked him why was he in the female toilet and why did he peep my cubicle while i was peeing. he immediately denied and he ran away, I tried to chase him but he was running too fast. this happened at pasir ris area. if u do see him , please be alert !!”, she added.

Now the video was removed from the woman’s Facebook profile, you can scroll down to watch confrontation the video.

The woman was really brave enough to confront him even though she was all alone.

The post was shared widely on social media to warn other ladies, as we keep seeing such cases regularly it is important for us to record these faces in mind and stay alert in public place. If you see any perverts acting suspicious you should call and inform police immediately.

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