Singaporean-Born Orthopedic Surgeon and Raffles Alumnus Fatally Shot During Cape Town Family Vacation


A heartbreaking incident has saddened people around the world as Teoh Kar Hao, a well-regarded 40-year-old orthopedic surgeon from Singapore with British citizenship, tragically passed away while on a family holiday in South Africa.

This tragic event unfolded on Thursday, August 3rd, in Cape Town. Teoh was with his wife and two-year-old son when they were involved in a fatal shooting.

Teoh grew up in Singapore and he went to Raffles Institution (RI) and Raffles Junior College (RJC) between 1996 and 2001. Later, he moved to the United Kingdom (UK) for his studies and became a doctor.

People who knew him from his school days and his work as a doctor are really sad about what happened. They are sharing their memories and kind words online to remember him.

Reports from media have indicated that Teoh was born in Singapore and identified himself as being from Singapore on his Facebook account. However, details about his citizenship at birth and the timeline of when he became a British citizen remain unclear.

In response to the heartbreaking news of Teoh’s passing, former classmates have united to create an online spreadsheet where individuals who knew him can share their reflections, memories, and tributes. This platform has provided an avenue for former classmates, schoolmates, friends, and colleagues of Teoh to express their respects and extend condolences to his family.

Among those who have shared their sentiments is Mr. Kevin Siew, a close friend of Teoh for more than 28 years. Mr. Siew recounted the many profound and meaningful conversations he had with Teoh while growing up, highlighting Teoh’s attentive and compassionate nature. He warmly described Teoh as a source of joy and a reliable friend through all circumstances.

Throughout their years of friendship, whenever they met, Mr. Siew would lightheartedly joke about how he might eventually rely on Teoh’s surgical skills. Mr. Siew conveyed a deep sense of loss and expressed that Teoh’s absence would be acutely felt by their community in Singapore. He added that he and Teoh had shared a journey as classmates at Raffles Institution and later as student councillors at Raffles Junior College.


According to reports from the BBC, Teoh took a wrong turn while driving from the airport in Cape Town. He ended up in an area where taxi drivers were protesting, and things were not safe. This happened on a street called Ntlangano Crescent in the Nyanga area. The police in South Africa started to look into what happened, and they said that Teoh was driving with two other people in the car.

Lirandzu Themba, spokesperson for the South African Police Service, shared that Teoh was driving with two other individuals in the vehicle at the time. As he entered Ntlangano Crescent, he was approached by a group of assailants who opened fire on his vehicle, ultimately claiming his life. Despite the immediate response by authorities, no arrests have been made in connection with his tragic death.

The police explained that Teoh accidentally drove into a place where some people who wanted to hurt others were. They came up to his car and shot him, which caused his death.

This happened around 6:30 in the evening. Even though the police are trying to find out who did this, they haven’t caught anyone yet.


An eyewitness has recounted the harrowing scene that unfolded after the British doctor, Mr. Teoh, was tragically shot dead in South Africa while on a family trip. Dumisani Qwebe, a community worker, shared with The Sun his shocking discovery as he came across the devastating aftermath.

Mr. Qwebe described how he stumbled upon a horrifying sight: Mr. Teoh’s lifeless body inside his rental car, with a bullet lodged in his head. The car’s doors were wide open, revealing a shattered windscreen and driver’s window that bore the marks of gunshots. Mr. Teoh was found slumped over onto the front passenger seat, indicating the severity of the attack.

The witness detailed that multiple gunshots had been fired, and the scene was marked by a sense of immense tragedy. Additionally, he noted the distressing presence of Mr. Teoh’s family, who were visibly shaken and traumatized by the shocking and violent incident that had just unfolded before their eyes.

Teoh was in the driver’s seat of the car when the police found him. The other people in the car, including a little baby, got hurt too and had to go to the hospital. Sadly, there were more people who got hurt during the protests in that area. Five people, including Teoh, lost their lives because of the dangerous situation.

Teoh was a doctor who worked on bones and muscles, and he was really good at his job. He worked at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, a place not too far from London. A hospital spokesperson talked about Teoh and said that he was a very important part of their team. They also said that he was well-liked by his colleagues and friends in the medical field.


Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust said in a statement on Thursday (August 10): “Sadly, we can confirm that Mr Kar Hao Teoh, consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, has died. He was a well-respected member of the team, a valued colleague and friend to many across the hospital as well as in regional, national and international trauma and orthopaedic networks.

“With the consent of Kar Hao’s family, we are able to share this news and we ask that you support Kar Hao’s family and friends with your discretion. We will not be making any further statements at this time.”

This tragic event has affected many people. Teoh’s family is now getting support from others, and a fundraiser online has already collected a lot of money to help them. Even though Teoh is not with us anymore, his memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew him.

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