Singaporean Man Behind Bars for Molesting Seven-Year-Old in Lift Encounter


A 38-year-old Singaporean man, Boo Chee Peng, has been handed a one-year-and-two-month prison sentence after being found guilty of molesting a seven-year-old girl in a lift. The distressing incident has left a lasting impact on the young victim, who expressed her fear and trauma to her mother following the assault.

According to a report by mothership, the incident took place on November 8, 2022, when Boo, then working as a deliveryman, entered the lift with the young girl, who was accompanied by her mother.

As the girl eagerly ran ahead into the lift, Boo followed behind with a trolley of goods. Alarming events unfolded when the girl, innocently asking Boo which floor he desired, received no response from him.

Seizing the opportunity, Boo moved closer to the child, touching her left buttock over her dress. Startled and shocked, the girl quickly turned around as the lift doors closed, leaving her in a state of distress.

Fortunately, the victim’s mother sensed that something was amiss and promptly opened the lift doors from outside, entering the lift. It was then that the traumatized girl burst into tears, immediately revealing the incident to her mother. Without delay, the concerned mother filed a police report, leading to Boo’s arrest on the very same day.

The prosecution sought a prison sentence of one year and two months for Boo, highlighting the significant harm caused to the young victim. The aftermath of the assault has had severe consequences for the girl, as revealed during court proceedings. She now experiences an overwhelming fear of riding lifts alone and holds a general apprehension towards men, particularly those donning black shirts with tattoos.

“All men are not safe”

In public settings, the girl clings tightly to her mother upon encountering men, grappling with anxiety and fear that she may become a victim of further unwanted advances, particularly in lift environments. Strikingly, she confided in her mother, stating that “all men are not safe” and expressing a strong aversion to marriage, both for herself and her mother.

The victim’s unexpected revelation to her mother underscores the gravity of the incident and its lasting impact.


Regrettably, this is not the first offense committed by Boo. A prior similar charge, involving the molestation of a 16-year-old in September 2022, was also taken into account during his sentencing. Furthermore, Boo’s criminal record includes a previous conviction for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirls, along with an unrelated theft offense.

As the Singaporean authorities grapple with the implications of this case, it is hoped that steps will be taken to prevent such heinous acts and provide necessary support to victims in their path to healing and recovery.

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