Public Transport Fares Rise By Up To 4 Cents, Price Of Monthly Passes Remain Same


In a recent release, PTC (Public Transport Council) announced that bus and train fares are set to increase (3 to 4 cents) from Dec 26.

Impact on commuters :

From Dec 26, fares for adult commuters paying by card will increase by 3 cents (for journey equal to or less than 14.2 km) and 4 cents (for journeys above 14.2km). While card fares for students, senior citizens, person with disabilities, low wage workers will be raised by one cent per journey. The prices for all Monthly Concession Passes, Monthly Travel passes will remain unchanged.

“Around 2 million commuters or more than half of all Singaporeans will continue to enjoy subsidised fares upto 70% off adult fares” PTC said in a release.

The adjustments in fares, applicable from 26 December 2021, is summarised below:


Public transport vouchers (PTVs) :

PTC has announced, “A total of 600,000 PTVs each valued at $30 will be provided to support households to cope with fare adjustment. To date this is the largest number of PTVs set aside with broadest household coverage, in recognition of Covid-19 situation”.

We seek commuter’s understanding : PTC

The fare review of public transport ridership says that “ridership has fallen drastically because of covid-19 and remain lower compared to pre-pandemic levels”.

“The public transport council’s priority has always been to safeguard commuter’s interests, while ensuring a financially sustainable public transport system. This means bus and train fares would need to be adjusted from time to time. We seek commuter’s understanding that it is not possible to keep deferring fare increase as they are needed to support the rising operating cost, such as energy and wages, for our public transport system”, said Mr Richard Magnus Chairman, PTC.

The Impact On PTO’s : According to PTC, “The overall fare adjustment of 2.2% translates to increase in fare revenue of about $34.2 million a year. The increase in annual revenue for SBS Transit Rail and SMRT trains is $4.6 million and $10.0 million respectively. Fare revenue for bus and Tomson East Cost Line (TEL) collected by LTA will increase by $19.6 million, which will go toward reducing operating subsidies which currently stand at about $2 billion annually across bus and rail”.

“In its latest financial year, SBS transit’s train segment reported a loss of tens of millions of dollars even with the govt support for covid-19. Also, SMRT trains recorded an operating profit of $23 millions, it is after they received broad based govt support for covid-19” PTC added.

Reference :

Public transport affordability indicator :


Images : PTC

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