Tan Kin Lian Demands Apology from Content Creators : Here’s Why


Well-known Singaporean figure & Ex-Presidential candidate who managed to keep his deposit this presidential election, Mr Tan Kin Lian has recently spoken out against online harassment and defamation targeting him on social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

Over the past few weeks, a number of content creators have posted hurtful and “malicious content” aimed at damaging his reputation, Mr Tan said in his video posted on Facebook.

In response, Tan Kin Lian is urging these content creators to promptly remove the harmful content. He has also warned them that if they do not comply with his request, legal action may be taken. In addition to requesting the removal of the content, Tan Kin Lian is asking for a public apology from the creators to be shared with their audiences.

Here’s what he said :

Tan Kin Lian is emphasizing that he does not intend to cause financial hardship to these content creators. However, he is resolute in his efforts to protect his reputation and address the damage caused by these online attacks.

“During the past few weeks, several content creators have made content on TikTok, Facebook and websites that deliberately and maliciously insult and defame me. These contents have caused serious damage to my reputation. I advise the creators to remove these contents immediately”.

“Several friends have taken screenshots of these malicious and harmful content”.

If the contents still remain on the website, I will ask my lawyer to send a letter to the creator with a demand for an apology and an undertaking not to repeat the harmful actions and for this message to be broadcast to all of their audience. The content creator will also have to pay the legal fees of my lawyers. If the creator does not comply with the request, I will take the creator to court. And if I succeed, the damages will be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. I do not intend to cause financial hardship to the creators, so I advise them to act now to remove the harmful and malicious content. Some of the content creators have hidden their identity. I intend to locate them and the damages will be increased according to the trouble that I have taken. I advise these creators to act now to stop further damage to my reputation and to avoid the financial penalty that they have to face.

A few days ago, Tan Kin Lian took to Facebook to share an update regarding his recent visit to a lawyer’s office situated at One Coleman Street. He discussed his intention to explore legal avenues against several individuals who had engaged in defamation and smear campaigns during the presidential campaign.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Tan Kin Lian provided an afternote, confirming that his lawyer had identified the statements labeling him as racist and the derogatory names linked to the “pretty girl” episode as defamatory. He is currently in ongoing discussions with his legal counsel to determine the next steps to be taken.


Tan Kin Lian expressed the seriousness of the harm caused by these defamatory messages and the potential for substantial damages resulting from this situation. His updates on Facebook serve as a transparent and public record of his actions and intentions regarding this matter.


Recently, Tan Kin Lian made an announcement indicating his plans to sell 30 of his campaign posters from the election, pricing them at S$10 each.

On September 9, 2023, Tan Kin Lian made a visit to a Bedok hawker centre with a unique mission selling his used PE2023 campaign posters.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, he revealed that he had received confirmation from the Elections Department Singapore (ELD) that he didn’t require a permit to conduct this sale. Additionally, he mentioned that the police had stated that the sale did not fall under their jurisdiction.

Describing the sale as “very smooth,” Tan successfully sold over 30 used posters, including A5 and A6-sized versions. The poster sale garnered a total of S$560 in proceeds, all of which were generously donated to Jamiyah Singapore, a social and welfare charity in Singapore.

Notably, a significant portion of the buyers were young individuals below the voting age, showing a keen interest in collecting these campaign memorabilia.

Encouraged by the positive response, Tan Kin Lian expressed his intention to repeat the sale of used posters at other hawker centres on Saturday mornings, ensuring more people have the opportunity to participate in this unique campaign memorabilia sale.

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