Teacher Asks “Where Is The Police Report” When Student Says He Lost His Homework, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


Memories of our school days stay with us for the rest of our lives and, for many people, their school memories are something to be cherished.

We can assure you that many of you have forgotten to complete your homework during holidays. And best part is when we used to forget to do our homework we gave funny excuses to our teachers as to why we were not able to complete it.

A reddit user decided to share his school time memory and asked fellow redditors to share their memories which makes them laugh whenever they think about.


The user wrote,

Bio teacher in secondary school would say that your homework was “an important piece of document” and if anyone ever said they lost their homework, he would ask where the police report was.

So my friend lost his homework over the June holidays in upper sec and we went to make a police report.

Half the reason was just so he could produce the letter for a laugh and half cause he just didn’t want to get in trouble. So off we went to make a police report, much to the bemusement of the officers at the police post who first thought we were there for a joke but then realised we were actually trying to make a police report and well, he let us.

We go to school the next day with only me, my friend who lost his homework and another friend in the know about what we did. True enough, when it was time to produce our holiday homework during Bio lesson, my friend mentioned he lost his and my teacher asked him where the police report was.

The look on his face when my friend passed him the police report was something I still remember and then our classmates burst into laughter as they realised what had just happened.

Of course this spread throughout our batch and even to multiple Teachers who all thought it was a good laugh. Turns out, the police officers from the post visited our school a day or so later and mentioned that a couple of students had come in to make a police report for missing homework.

They mentioned this to the discipline master who was good friends with the Bio teacher. Sometime later in the week as we were walking past the discipline master’s office, our bio teacher was in his office and called us in. Bio teacher tells the discipline master “these are the clowns who made the report”. We thought we were in trouble but they just burst out laughing about this whole thing.

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