This Man Was Caught While Taking Pictures Of A Woman At Jurong Point, Here’s What Happened Next


A pervert was exposed for taking pictures of a woman secretly without her permission while she was waiting in line at Jollibee Jurong Point.

According to Facebook user Gigi, this man was taking pictures of her by pointing his phone camera towards her twice and he quickly pretended to be on the phone when she saw him doing it.

Here’s what she wrote,

Was there around 9pm yesterday and took a seat after keying in my order. While waiting I noticed this guy looking in my direction twice, which I thought nothing much of – the typical male gaze.

So I looked down at my phone and looked up to see him pointing his phone camera at me twice, to which he quickly pretended to be on the phone. Subsequently my number was called and upon reaching the counter to grab my order, I turned to see him doing it again for the third time.

After confronting him at the counter, he suddenly got very defensive and loud, she added.

“why would I take pictures of you?”

The woman said she did not wanted to create scene inside so she was waiting outside Jollibee to call her friend to ask what she should do, because she was alone.

“At this point he suddenly walked out closely to me and told me he was calling his WIFE and said “why would I take pictures of you?”.

Mind you I was alone.

“When I requested to see his phone gallery, he got even more defensive and agitated. During the confrontation, I asked another bystander for help as he was getting too close to me. The bystander stood behind the guy and SAW HIM deleting 6-9 pictures of me”.

“He then tried to walk away fast but was escorted by Jurong Point’s security team to the loading Bay area for interrogation”.

Police said “not chargeable offence”

Police came, took statement, said they will investigate, but ultimately he was let off scot-free. I was also told by the IO that taking pictures of anyone (without consent) is NOT a chargeable offence.

“While waiting for the police to do their job, please help to share and warn other girls to be careful especially at JP because he’s able to walk away with no charges. Pretty sure this fella lives near too.

Today it may just be “taking pictures”, next time it may be upskirting or worse”, the woman added in her post.

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